All you need to know about Ash Kaashh

Ash Kaashh is not late. The American social media influencer and model from Chicago, Illinois is not only breathing but active and strong, and still very much active with her profession.

The 24 year-old came to be a scapegoat of a death travesty that had multiple grieving for her demise even though she was very much alive and kicking.

With-it addition to her pursuit as a social media influencer, Ash Kaashhmakes a living as a model and skilled nail artist. Her surge to limelight as an social media personality started in the year 2018 when she started her Instagram page which currently has 3.1 million followers.

Leveraging the prestige she found online through disseminating exciting content, she created her nail business called Heaven Sent Nails and has been all the way up ever since the creation. Her officiallyverified Instagram page is ‘ash.kaashh’.

How Ash Kaashh death rumor all started.

Like every other demise travesty that has been proved to be false, the Ash Kaashh death travesty started on the social media. It began with a picture that described that her Instagram account has been commemorated.

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When someone with an Instagram account departs, the platform generally memorializes their profile in a suggestion to help protect their privacy.
Commemorated accounts show the word “Remembering” next to the individual’s name on their contour and so was it for the Ash Kaashh death hoax pictures that leaked online.

As the picture revealed Ash Kaashh’s official account in the background, it is not hard to see why people bought the tale and ran with it

It dissipate like wildfire that the influencer had conveyed but then it soon occurred that her account functions like ordinary accounts do with no pop-up message referringing to her death as the circulating picture defines.

For all we know, it seems someone created a fictitious picture with her Instagram account and spread it online. Whoever was behind this has remained unknown just as the motive of the deplorable act is incomprehensible.

The reaction of Ash Kaashh’s Fan

Surprised, startled, and anguished, Ash Kaashh’s fans responded to the forgery news about her demise the way anyone would respond to announcement about the demise of someone beloved to them.

Some were fast to send out their solaces to her family while others shared the fictitious picture about her demise in a bid to verify or have the news disproved.
How the news was debunked
The Facebook email picture gave the feeling that someone solicited that the social media influencer’s Facebook page be commemorated and it had a lot of Ash Kaashh’s fans believing that she had really passed on.

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As we now know, it wasn’t the case, she had only joined the long table of celebrities who have been falsely documented dead on the internet.
Ash Kaashh reacted to the demise travesty about her in a refined way.

She said no to dignify the erroneous news with a reaction but has made it precise that she is alive by sharing pictures of herself and keeping her followers enlightened about what she is up to.
She continues to conquer as an influencer and entrepreneur with her volumes of followers looming across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Onlyfans.


Is Ash Kaashh dead?

Ash Kaashh is still alive and strong. The rumor of her death was all fake.

Who killed Ash Kaashh?

Nobody killed Ash Kaashh. Its all rumor.

Who brought the rumor of her death?

As of the moment,  no information is known about the fake news bearer.


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