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How To Become A Commercial Pilot in 2022 | Salary and Requirements

How To Become A Commercial Pilot – This is something that will guide you on your journey to becoming a commercial pilot.

I could remember when we are little and when asked if asked what we wanted to be when we grow up you will see some of us proudly saying we would be a doctor, pilot, lawyer and the rest.

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Well, it was a good dream for us at that time but I guess things have changed.

Who is a Commercial Pilot?

A commercial pilot is someone who is trained in a special skill of flying an aircraft.

For you to fly, you have to be given a licence, that is the only way you can be paid for the services you render.

To understand some of the duties of a commercial pilot and the skills they have, you have to read this post till the end, we have taken the time to explain who a commercial pilot is.

Aside from flying an aircraft, a commercial pilot also take on some other task like maintaining the aircraft, scheduling the flight and making sure all luggage is well loaded.

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It feels good to be a commercial pilot, aside from working for a company, you can also embark on a hired or private work, maybe driving a private jet.

All these are still part of the ways you can make money as a commercial pilot.

Before we continue with the skills of a commercial pilot, we know loading luggage and scheduling flight is not the only duty of a pilot.

Let’s look at some of the other duties of a pilot;

  • A pilot makes sure the load in the plane is not overloaded to avoid a crash
  • Makes sure all goods are loaded in the aircraft before leaving
  • One of the major which is to make sure there is a smooth take-off and safe landing
  • Before taking off, a commercial pilot checks all oil and engine to be sure there are in good health.
  • Checks the fuel consumption during the flight
  • As  pilots, they must contact the tower for both take-offs and landings for some instruction

Haven known this, let’s talk about some of the key skills you need as a commercial pilot to be a successful one.

Skills Of Needed To Become a Commercial Pilot

  • A  pilot should possess gold communication skills
  • Should be someone balanced, both physically and mentally
  • Have a very good knowledge about how the flight works (In and Out) because you’re dealing with human lives.

Requirements on How To Become A Commercial Pilot

For you to be a good pilot or to even be given a licence, you have to meet up the following requirements, both education and skills.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Should have completed your flight training with an FAA flight instructor and we are certified by any school that trains people on flights.
  • Completed your 4 years degree in the university
  • Completing a private flight lesson is a plus for you.
  • Should have a second-class medical certificate, the reason for this is to be sure that you have no reason that will hinder you from flying
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How To Become a Commercial Pilot

To be a pilot, you first need to be at least 18 years of age and aside from that, you need to be duly certified and approved by FAA.

The federal aviation administration will engage you in a test which will help them determine if you have a piece of good knowledge about how to perform some operational tasks.

When you pass the test you will be required to pay some license fees.


Becoming a pilot is a good profession, an average pilot in the united state earns at least $77,000.

Here we post this kind of content regularly to keep you updated.

If you have any confusion about how to become a pilot, you can use the comment section.

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