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How To Become a Journalist in India | Complete Guide in 2022

Become a Journalist in India – Journalism is a very good profession for those who wish to make it a good is a career path.

A lot of times we think, going to an event maybe an accident scene and taking pictures of things happening will make us journalist.

Not minding the fact that you posted it in popular placed like your blog and social media, you can’t wholly say that you are a journalist because there are still some differences.

Someone who is responsible for gathering informations and putting up for people to know the latest around the world.

They go as far as going to the front line of any issue to get the correct information to put up.

In this article we are going to be explaining to you what it takes to be a journalist in India, the requirements, the cost and of cause how much you can earn in a year from just being a journalist.

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It is important to note that a lot of times people mistake blogging to journalism, well there might seem alike but there is a clear difference between the two.

Without further let’s get to the business of the day which is we talk about how you can be a journalist in India.

Every country have their criterias in which everyone should follow if they want to pursue a particular career.

Journalism Schools in India

Here are some of the schools you can attend in India for good Journalism studies

In India, Journalism is highly respected and for you to be a good Journalist in India you have to posses any of the skills we have named below;

  • Must have a good communication skills
  • You should be very reliable
  • Have a good knowledge about the digital world
  • Should have an investigative skills
  • Should always have the latest update
  • Be good at researcher
  • You should be a good listener
  • Should be someone who cam solve problems

How to Become A Journalist in India

The profession is open for those who wish to make it work or build it for themselves. Just read and follow instructions to be successful.

1. Have an Undergraduate Degree

You can not be a Journalist if you dont have a good knowledge about it, that is why education is very important.

Go to any recognized university and earn your self a degree which will help you in other things.

2. Attend Journalism School

There are some notable Journalism schools in India like Jamia Milia Islamia University, they have one of the best journalism school in the whole of India and you should consider it.

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Remember that going to school to earn a degree means you should

3. Go for internship with Media Houses

Going for internship will help you learn and still expose you to so many things you dont know before about journalism

4. Have a Good relationship with Reporters

Reporters should be your friends because they help you make your findings popular, it is the reporters that will also tell you some latest that have not heard

5. Look for Job opportunity

When you think your ready to work, the best thing to do is to apply for a Journalism job with any media house and start creating your skills.

Finally, we have been able to explain to you how you cam go about your career in journalism.

If you have any other question or enquiries to make about how to become a Journalist  in India, kindly use the comment section.

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