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How To Become A Journalist in UK | Full Guide in 2022

Become A Journalist in UK – A lot of persons would really want to be a journalist because of how fun it is.

When I was much younger I also wanted to be seen on the TV and become popular but the truth is in as much as I was not able to fulfill that dream, one thing I can say is that it is a great profession.

It is exciting to see your self taking pictures of events or incidents but then it also have it alown risks.

In this article, we are going to be talking to you about how you can become a good journalist in a great country like the UK and other information you need to survive in your profession.

Just like I mentioned earlier, Journalism is a great profession for those that will take it serious and it will be nice for you to read this till the end to get the main points.

That you are a controversial speaker does not mean you will be a journalist, that is why you also need to look at some of the requirements for you to be good especially in UK.

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Before going ahead with telling you the requirements needed for you to be a journalist in UK, we are going to tell you who a journalist is.

Who is a Journalist?

Someone who is responsible for gathering informations and putting up for people to know the latest around the world.

They go as far as going to the front line of any issue to get the correct information to put up.

Everyone watches CNN or BBC, these two are seen as one of the best television stations that give the best news.

The source all those news is their journalist that are constantly working to make sure they get the best news and information for you and I.

For you to be a good journalist you have to be all of the following or posses all these features

  • You have to be a critical thinker
  • You have to be creative
  • You should have a good communication skills
  • Learn to establish network and connect more with people
  • Should always be updated about the current happening.

Every journalist have different areas they can focus on while doing their work, you can decide to be an investigative journalist, political, religious and so on.

Just find the place you are good at and.focus on it.

How To Become a Journalist in UK

If you are just graduating and would want to officially pursue your career and of cause make a living out of it, here are the step by step guide we have provided on how to Become a Journalist in UK

1. Own a Bachelor’s degree

Education is very important if you want to be a good journalist, this is because no company will accept anybody who is not educated and have no certificate to show for it.

After these, you can go for journalism school which will help direct your mind on other better opportunities you can find in this field.

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2. Have A Good Writing Skills

One of the best thing you can do for yourself is to have a good writing skills which is very cool.

3. Go for internship with Media Houses

Going for internship will help you learn and still expose you to so many things you dont know before about journalism

4. Have a Good relationship with Reporters

Reporters should be your friends because they help you make your findings popular, it is the reporters that will also tell you some latest that have not heard

5. Look for Job opportunity

When you think your ready to work, the best thing to do is to apply for a Journalism job with any media house and start creating your skills.


Finally, we have been able to explain to you how you cam go about your career in journalism.

If you have any other question or enquiries to make about how to become a Journalist  in Uk, kindly use the comment section.

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