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How To become A Private Investigator in Ohio | All You Need To Know

Become A Private Investigator in Ohio – One thing we must have in mind is that the work of a private investigator is anot really hard but requires a special knowledge.

Education is very important if your so much interested in becoming a private investigator in Ohio.

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In this article, we have come up with step by step guide to how you can become A Private Investigator in Ohio, all you need to do is to read and follow up everything we are going to be telling you here till the end.

For you to practice as a private investigator in Ohio you have to be given lience through their department of public safety.

For you to be successful with that, you will be given a written exam and they will also do a background check on you to be sure your not a spy sent to do some dirty work.

Before we continue, let us give you a little Description of who a private investigator is according to wikipedia ” A private investigator or better called the private eye is someone who works with a legal team to provide and evidence.

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What they are simply saying is that as private investigator most time you will be employed by a lawyer who is looking for evidence or trying to know the history of someone to do a deep search for them.

One of the best things about PI is that your identity is always protected.

Without waste of time let’s  get to the main business which is How To become A Private Investigator. 

How To become A Private Investigator in Ohio

Follow the steps below if you want to be a private investigator in Ohio.

1. Get Your Application Form

The form is issued through the department of public safety, you will fill the form and provide the information which I will list below.

  • Your fingerprints, which will be used to check your criminal records
  • A recent picture of your self (Full face)
  • Get reference from five reputable persons or citizens
  • You have to pay for your examination- $30
  • You will also pay for your lience- $330 which will be refunded if you dont get the license.
  • You should have a proof of liability insurance of at least $100,000

2. Take the Ohio Examination

The next thing you will do after filing the form is to write an exam which will be given to you by the state department for public safety and you wi be expected to have at least 80% from the exam.

3. Mentally Stable

For you to apply, you should be mentally stable and not facing any metal issues at all.

4. Age

If your not up to 21 years of age, it will be hard for you to be accepted, so the best you can do is to make sure your up to 21 years then you can Apply.

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5. Experience

Your years of experience is also put into consideration because a non Experience person will find the job hard, so you should first get some experience before going independent.

According to records, a private investigator in Ohio earns up to $50,000 annually and earns up to $24,000 per hour and it is expeced to change from 2023 – 2028.

For more on this kind of update, kindly give us a comment and you will always be the first to get our update.

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