Biography of Mitchell Elegbe, Early Life, Achievements, Net Worth

Biography of Mitchell Elegbe – this is one of the best persons in tech world as long as Africa is concern.

The biography Mitchell Elegbe is really a cool one to talk about as he was able to come up with a good way for making payment in Nigeria and Africa just like stripes.

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Biography of Biography of Mitchell Elegbe

Early Life

Mitchel Elegbe is an entrepreneur from the south east part of Nigeria but was born in the beautiful city of Benein, Edo state Nigeria.

Born to not knowing who his biological father is but still sees the uncles as a father for taking care of him till he became grown.

He was born on the 14th day of November 1973 in edo state.


Mitchel Elegbe is a graduate of electrical engineering in the university of Benin, he graduated with good result which helped me work with some big international companies before he officially decided to create his own brand.

He also attended the Global CEO program which is organized by IESE business school, the Wharton school and also in collaboration with China Europe Imternational Business School.

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Before interswitch came to be he was working with Schlumberger wireline and testing  and Telnet, he worked there as their ICT engineering and consulting until 2002 when he officially created the gigantic interswitch whi h is worth millions of dollars today.

Working for a company in Scotland was what lead to him seeing an ATM machine and as that time there was no ATM machine in Nigeria.

The ATM swallowed his card and he got this idea of building something that will enable people to make payment for a project and dont really have to use the atm before you can pay or something Nigerians and Africans can use.

On his return to Nigeria, he was unemployed to his former company Telnet which is a telecommunication company.

He decided to present his project to his boss and the boss agreed and told him to execute the project.

It was tested but didn’t go as expected, so he decided to build interswitch group with the help of his team.

The only problem they had was who would be the CEO of the company, after several consideration he decided to do the work since he had no choice.

Though the company faced some challenges like finace at the starting period of the company which is normal but right now the company is worth millions.

Interswitch is a server that connect financial institutions like banks and their institution with customers while they are making their transaction.

It allows different devices to be connected at the same time to ATM and POS it connects the host and co networks.

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It is basically the only payment gateway that banks use and it also make mobile payment possible.

Another thing they were able to produce is the verve card which is widely used in Nigeria to withdraw.

The ATM card that we see today bearing verve is the product of interswitch and till date you


The Biography of Mitchel Elegbe can’t be complete without saying that he is happily married to a beautiful woman Mercy Lele

Net Worth

The current net worth of Mitchell Elegbe is estimated to be $26 billion.

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