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Several people recognize a lot about celebrated comedian George Carlin. The salty jokester even starred in films like “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

What a lot of folks may not comprehend is his spouse of seventeen (17) years called Brenda Hosbrook Carlin.

While not as popular as her husband, she has lived a fascinating and full life, involving while was joined by the well-known funnyman.

Brenda Florence Hosbrook was born on the 5th of August, in the year 1936 in Dayton, Ohio. limited information is understood about her upbringing, but she began again to live in Dayton, Ohio, USA were at the time she first came across George Carlin, she was residing in a local hotel. 

Quick fact about Brenda Hosbrook

  • Born: 1939, Dayton, Ohio, United States
  • Died: 11 May 1997, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Spouse: George Carlin (m. 1961–1997)
  • Children: Kelly Carlin
  • Nominations: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special

Brenda Hosbrook’s Educational Background

Nothing is known about her educational background as she keeps most of her details away from the media and the public. Further information gotten from our research will be updated 

Brenda Hosbrook’s Career

Brenda Holbrook was something of a forerunner in the world of line television. She operated for the TV network HBO as a producer during the late ’70s and 80s, a time when, for a while, cable was something of a superfluity.

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During her time she was a freelance author for the screen and assisted to initiate the careers of several jokesters.

She is also attributed with standing as a producer on numerous of her spouse George’s initial stand-up specials. Not only was she recognized for being the propelling pressure behind her partner’s comedic TV achievement, she, through her work, organized to launch the pursuits of several other performers.

Not only was she a forerunner in the cable business before the cable business evolved as great as it is today, but she’s also one of the firstest female producers to do so. Even though extra women had operated in television, she took a leadership position in a new forum and is credible for finding talent like Howie Mandel and “Pee Wee Herman”

Brenda Hosbrook’s Net Value

Before her demise, Brenda Hosbrook had an estimated net wealth of approximately $ 10 million, aside from being a renowned producer, she also married a rich jokester.

Brenda Hosbrook’s Relationship

Brenda initially came across George at  Racquet Club, where she was operating at the time and while he was performing on stage as part of the comedic team of Burns and Carlin, heating jazz and large band audiences.

She immediately fell in love with him and they started courting. They kept on to date until January in the year 1961 with an unknown day when George proposed to Brenda. They were thereafter married on the 3rd of June, in the year 1961

Brenda and George tied the knot in June in the year 1961 with an unknown date and stayed united until her demise in May in the year  1997, managing to stay united for almost 36 years, irrespective of George’s problems with drug abuse and several health difficulties.

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In fact, during their union, Brenda is attributed with helping and being the motivation behind her husband’s various funniness specials, pertained manifestations, and even his short-lived, albeit remarkable film profession. George was referred to as saying that she “helped people become who they were meant to be and she was very loved”.

Brenda Hosbrook’s Cause of death

Brenda Hosbrook died on 11th May, in the year 1997 as a finding of difficulties from liver cancer which she had been fighting for years before. She departed in her residence in Santa Monica California and was survived by her partner George, daughter Kelly, a son-in-law, brother and sister-in-law.

She has an institute that promotes artists’ work and assists them to find work from a non-profit institution

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cause of her death?

She died of liver cancer.

When did she die?

She died on 11th May 1997.

What’s the name of her daughter?

Her daughter’s name is Kelly Carlin McCall she was born on 15th June, in the year 1963, almost two (2)  years after they tied the knot.


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