Best Cities To Move To After College

Cities To Move To After College – For those who are good travel lovers i guess this will really be nice for you.

For everyone who are preparing to graduate from college and those who are still in college and making plans about their lifestyle after College, well I have a good news for you.

When making all those your plans, please allow me to give you suggestion on some of the best and most beautiful cities you can travel to after your college studies.

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When you graduate from the university or college, I will be glad to tell you that that’s when you will see the other side of the world and if you have not made plans for yourself, you will struggle to get this done.

In one of our previous post talked about things you can do as a college student, so I would refer you to get one for yourself and start working.

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On this topic we have gathered all the most beautiful cities you can travel to as a young graduate from the University.

This list will make you smile and that is why we have made it exclusively for you. See the list below and dont forget to us review at the comment section.

Without waste of time, let’s go to the Cities To Move To After College

Best Cities To Move To After College

See the list below

1. Austin, Tx

Austin is located in Texas and it is still one of the most beautiful in Texas and has a very low unemployment rate.

Someone with bachelors degree in Texas can earn up to $60,000 working for any institution or company or the government.

It is a profitable place to be and get a job quickly. About 60% of the people you see in Austin is between the age of 20-34 which means it is a lively city.

2. Houston, Tx

Texas is a great city to say, coming out from it again is Houston which is also a very beautiful city.

It is the second biggest place when it comes to entertainment, having many celebrity living or having their apartment in the area.

It is a city having up to 2 million people and the job rate is quiet high but then as high as Austin.

3. Ohio Collimbus

This is another city that is highly recommended if you want to work in a beautiful place with nice neighborhoods.

Having the totally population is 880,000 persons and having a high employment opportunity rate.

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Only one company in Ohio employs up to 20,000 persons, you can check what others do too.

4. Dallas, Tx

Coming back to Texas, we have Dallas which is also known for entertainment. We have alot of musician coming around to shoot their music videos.

If your an artiste and need to get heard, go to Dallas.

5. San Diego, California

We all know that California is a very popular place in US and San Diego is the second biggest city in the place.

An average bachelor’s degree holder earns up to $400,000 yearly which makes the place very productive.

There are still many other Cities To Move To After College within US but first consider these ones and don’t forget to leave us a comment below on your favorite city.

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