Biography of Irwin Mark Jacobs, Early Life, Achievements and Net worth

Biography of Irwin Mark Jacobs – As a Tech Ginus, Mr Irwim Mark Jobs have built Qualcomm to a multi million dollar company.

Without waste of time we would be looking at the Biography of Irwin Mark Jacobs.

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Biography of Irwin Mark Jacobs

Irwim Mark Jocobs is a popular American electrical engineer who later used his technics of his to build am empire in the technology industry.

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Early Life

Irwim Mark Jocob was born on the 18th of October 1993 into a Jewish family at New Bedford, Massachusetts.

He grew up as a great kid and when he was fome with the high school, we went for the university and got his bachelor’s of science in Electrical engineering in the Cornell university.

He further went for masters degree and ph.D in electrical engineering and computer science in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology popularly known by its appreciation (MIT).

While in the University he joined a fraternity popularly called Sigma Alpha Mu and graduated from masters nd Ph.D in 1957 and 1959 respectively.

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Being a passionate persons and a lover of science, the award winning tech guru was made an assistant and associate professor of electrical engineering in the Massachusetts Institute of technology from 1959 down to 1966.

At the end of his service at the institute, he got employed in the university of California and was a also and associate professor in computer engineering from 1966 down to 1972.

As a means of earning and sharing knowledge he went into collaborate with an academic genius and produced a book called Principles of Communication Engineering in 1965.

One good thing about the book which earned him a lot of recognition is that it is still being used till today.

He further looked for a way to transfer knowledge so he came up with Jocobs school of engineering which he is using to train young and passionate engineers, so it’s more like a vocational school.

To test himself the more in 1968 he went in collaboration with another tech person Andrew Viterbi to form a company called Linkabit Corporation which stands to be his first ever tech company.

The job of the company is to design and produce a satellite encryption device.

In 1980, the company made a smart move by merging with another big company M/A-COM, Inc. And the company name was changed to M/A-COM- Linkabit


In 1958, Jacob married a detician who Is from New York and both are living happily till date, as we speak they have the total of 4 sons who are all grown.

One of their son, Paul E. Jacobs took.over from the father to becoming the Managing Director and CEO of Qualcomm.

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Irwin Mark Jacobs was first a co – founder of M/A-COM- Linkabit even after the company merged.

He equally went into another collaboration to create his own company which he called Qualcomm and today the company is tuned by the son because he I already 82 years old and can’t keep up with the company.

In 196  he was appointed a member of the National Academy of Engineering for this contribution in communication theory and practice.

Net Worth

We can not complete the Biography of Irwin Mark Jacobs without talking about his current net worth.

According to records, Mark Jacobs as of 2019, his net worth was $121 million

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