All you need to know about Kiya Winston

Kiya Winston is a famous American fashion designer and Entrepreneur. Kiya Winston is also famous for being the wife of a famous American retired football player and current head trainer of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

Kiya is a prosperous businesswoman and cannot be inferred to be famous just because of her partner.

Kiya Winston characterizes herself as a mom of three (3) kids, a wife, and an artist. Mrs Kiya Winston Tomlin has a joyful sweet life with Mike Tomlin and the kids, simultaneously leading the clothing business, which is the pursuit of her likeness.

Kiya Winston was born on the 13th of January 1974 in a small city in the USA called Morristown, New Jersey. Little is known about Kiya Winston’s parents and siblings because she keeps her family away from social media even with her online presence.

Her officially Instagram have a total of nine thousand, eight hundred and forty-two (9843) followers with one thousand seventy-three (1073) posts as of September 2022. Her Instagram page username is ‘Kiya Tomlin‘.

Her Twitter has a total of five thousand, nine hundred and twenty-nine (5,929) followers as of September 2022. Her Twitter page username is ‘Kiya Tomlin‘.

Quick Fact About Kiya Winston Tomlin

Full name: Kiya Winston Tomlin
Famous as: Kiya Winston or Mrs Tomlin
Date of birth: 13th January 1974
Place of birth: Morris town, New Jersey, USA
Martial status: Married
Religion: Christan
Country of residence: United States of America
Nationality: American
Children: (3) Dean Tomlin, Mason Tomlin, and Harlyn Quinn Tomlin
Grandchildren: None
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Hair colour: Black
Height: 5’3″ ( in feet inches)
Profession: Fashion designer
Language: English
Alma mater: College of William and Mary
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Net worth: $3 million

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Kiya Winston Education

Kiya has been passionate about fashion starting from an early age when stitched the pillow.
Kiya began College of William & Mary under the faculty of medicine and joined the gymnastic club.

During college, Kiya was a popup for putting together attires for her comrades and buddies and the members of the gymnastic club.

Later on, Kiya Winston changed programs to the faculty of arts and proceeded on to the College of Design, Art, and Architectural Planning at the University of Cincinnati located in Ohio.

Kiya Winston Career

Kiya had a huge curiosity about fashion and designing clothes and textures. Also, she spent her whole adolescence tailoring and designing, which paved the route for her achievement today.

Kiya Winston’s experienced pursuit started after she completed her college education and began working towards her objective of founding a name in the fashion world.

After continuously working towards accomplishing her childhood ambition, Kiya opened a workshop in the year 2012 and commenced knitting fashionable clothes motivated by her enthusiasm In the year 2014, she eventually commenced her company under the inscription ‘Uptown Sweats’ which was concentrated on spirited mothers over the age of 30 so that they could wear fashionable clothes.

Kiya released versatile, stylish and machine-washable gowns weaved with bamboo fabrics manufactured in the U.S.A. Analyzing numerous online magazines, the couturier has various high-profile stars as her clients who purchase her designer dresses.

Kiya Tomlin has launched another commercial shop so that regular people aside from celebrities and models can also purchase and wear her designed clothes. She has established a shop near her workshop in Pittsburgh city.

Kiya Winston’s Relationship

Kiya and Mike met each other back then in College of William & Mary in a training room when both were resting from the injury they both sustained.

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Mike Tomlin as of the time was a pre-law student and a football player. The duo got married in the year 1996 which was two weeks after Kiya’s graduation from the University. As of the time of the wedding, Mike was a graduate assistant at the University of Memphis.

The duo had their first child Dean Tomlin in the year 2000, their second child Mason Tomlin in the year 2002 and their last child Harlyn Quinn Tomlin who is the only girl in the year 2006.

The sweet home is currently residing in the Squirrel Hill neighbourhood of Pittsburgh.
Kiya Winston’s Net worth
Kiya is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million.


Who is the husband of Kiya Winston?

Kiya is married to a popular retired football player by name of Mike Tomlin.

How old is Kiya Winston?

Kiya is 48 years of age and celebrating her last birthday on the 13th of January 2022.
How many children does Kiya have?
Kiya has two boys and a girl child.


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