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16 Signs He Wants you Badly Sexually

The best thing to do when you are not sure if a guy is into you is to trust your instincts. So, how do you know if he wants you badly? Here's how..

Sex is very important in a relationship because it plays a very important part in a number of cases. As a lady, you may sometimes wonder how your crush or partner feels about you sexually. All right girl, put your ego down, and let’s explore 16 signs he wants you badly sexually.

16 Signs He Wants you Badly Sexually

Without further ado, let’s explore these expert signs that show the level of physical intimacy your man is.

#1 You Discover He Stares at You Often

Usually, when a man wants a lady badly sexually, he tends to stare at her very often in the way that she starts feeling shy. This is a strategy ou need to know, which men use in order to show their sexual appeals.

Listen girl, when you catch him staring at your cleavage, crotch or butt, just know there’s something going on in his mind.

#2 He Keeps Dropping Sex Hints

Anither sign he wants you badly is when you discover that he keeps on driving all conversations towards sex. No matter what’s on the discussion table, it all goes back to sex.

When you notice this pattern presenting, just know that your mand wants to get intimate with you. This is one of the notable signs he wants you badly sexually.

#3 He Pays Attention to What You Say

A man that wants to sleep with you starts paying attention to everything your mouth utters. When he starts getting over interested in anything you say, it simply indicates he wants you.

#5 He Spends More Time

The man wants to spend time with you so that you get too close and affectionate. Often, men do this in order to get you aroused by the many strategies they will put through.

He longer stays overtime, but always makes it home on time. These are indications that he is so much interested in your body.

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#6 He Kisses Sensually

When you observe that his kisses have started getting deep, don’t be lost in the mood that she loves you. Think deep, he might just be interested in sleeping with you at the moment.

Narcissistic men know exactly the right strings to pull to get a woman. So stay save, try and avade sex no matter what he does until you are fully convinced. No matter the good kisses, stay put.

#7 He Suggests a Body Massage

Another way you get a hint that he wants you is when he suggests for a body massage, especially a nice body massage to make you “feel better”. View it with the chances that, you’ll end up compromising the spot.

#8 His Jokes Become Naughty

Now, he’s telling sexual stories… hi’s jokes become naughty. Ring the alam, he may just be interested in a quicky. Beware.

#9 He Spreads His Legs while Sitting

In an effort you get you sexually aroused, a man usually sits with his legs wide spread so as to expose his manhood. It is not by coincidence that he is sitting like that, men only do that when they want to get into you.

By sitting with legs spread, he wants you to take a look at his third leg and picture it being inside you. Its a strategy used in dominating women, by men. Take note.

#10 The Deep Voice

This may seem weird, but it is a biological sign that a man is sexually attracted to a woman. The pitch of his voice becomes lower, making the voice to become deeper than when he talks to other people.

The biological perspective giving rise to this is that a deep voice subciously tells a woman that the man is health, and hence will produce health children. This seem to be weird as mentioned from the beginning, but it’s a proven strategy men use to sleep with women.

#11 He Touches You

He tries to touches you, especially on the “hot” spots. He actually knows your weak points, from the many conversations you had.

His touches may include kissing you on the forehead or on the neck. He may be so much interested in kissing your navel at every possible opportunity. Thes are signs girlfriend, take note of them.

#12 Special Playlist

A man who is sexually attracted to a woman tries to arrange a range of playlist to set you, as a woman, in the mood. When you observe this happening, pay attention to the message the music is passing in relation to how he is acting towards you. It might turn out that, he wants you.

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#13 He Pictures you in a Lingerie

Sometimes, you will notice that he starts asking if you have lingerie or if he could buy you some. He starts getting too much intestesd in seeing you in sexual attire. This is a clear sign he wants to sleep with you.

#14 He Compliments Whatever you Wear

A sexually motivate man compiments whatever his woman wears. In fact, sometimes you may catch him giving silly compliments on even clothes he never liked you wearing. There’s something fishy when you notice these signs, two adults are about to get entangled.

#15 He Listens

A man that wants you badly sexually suddenly turns into a good listener. He no longer says much, but very pays very keen interest to everything you are saying. He repeats what you have already said in the course of the discussion, jut to let you know he had been following along.

Normally men are not good listeners. When you notice a sudden change observe carefully because you may end up giving it to him.

#16 He’s Over Protective

A man that wants to get intimate with you starts geting over protective. He starts to check who and who has been calling or texting, who checked on you and so on. These are clear signs that he is more interested in that goes in between your thighs, than the people he’s trying to protect you from.


Understanding how men can get physically intimate with a woman can be cumbersome, but also easy at the same time. While not all men exhibit the same trends, the 16 hints we have picked and explained above tend to be generally for all men with little variations, of course.

With these, you are able to tell moments when your man wants you badly sexually.

Stay with for more. We love you, and that is why we want you to always count on us for rich article to guide you in your relationships.

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