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8 Amazing facts about Abuja sugar Mummies you must know

These 8 Amazing facts about Abuja sugar mummies will help you understand these great people very well. These facts will guide your decision Making process as you try out these nice women for sugar mummy relationships. 

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and it hosts some of the richest sugar mummies in the whole country. If your target is to date a rich sugar mummy in Nigeria then you look for a sugar mummy from Abuja. 

It is important to note that these facts are not scientifically proven but people’s opinions based on what they have seen, heard, and witnessed about Abuja sugar mummies. 

Before we move on, we should first acknowledge the welcoming nature of Abuja sugar mummies. These people have hospitality as part of their way of life.

8 Amazing facts about Abuja sugar Mummies 

8 Amazing facts about Abuja sugar Mummies
Abuja sugar mummy

They are gorgeous 

You don’t need to debate about this wonderful fact. Abuja sugar mummies have this special body build that makes them stand out from others. 

This is a city that has old women that are more beautiful than young ladies in other cities. You will always get confused about their age because of this fact. A woman in her late 60s will be as beautiful as a young girl in her 20s.

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Authentic hospitality 

There’s no way you will visit a sugar mummy in Abuja and she complains of not having something to offer you. Sometimes, it feels like they have been waiting for you, but No, that just how they are 

People can exhibit fake hospitality but Abuja sugar mummies don’t have anything fake about the way they welcome you. 


Part of 8 Amazing facts about Abuja sugar Mummies is how charismatic they can be. You can never say you are not interested in their conversation or story because they have a special way to hypnotize your attention. 

value for Culture

They have respect for leaders and other constituted authority. This is the same way they reverence the culture of the land. 

Some parts of Nigeria have been carried away by the frenzy lifestyle of the west, but sugar mummies in Abuja stood with the best practice of social etiquette; like it was done before the advance of smartphones. 


The same way you shouldn’t play with an Abuja sugar mummy’s heart is the way you should understand her religious inclination. 

One thing amazing is how their religion does not stop them from having fun. Well, maybe that is a topic for another time. But they really balance their life very well. 

Great love for adventure 

Though they may look old, their love for adventure and play has not been affected. 

You will see them hike some of the tallest mountains in Abuja like pros. You should grow interest in adventure if you really want to have a sugar mummy from Abuja. 

Take good care of their man 

Not all sugar mummies that promise to give you money actually care about you. But Abuja sugar mummies will give you money and also take good care of you. 

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You only need to perform your own part of the deal and you should not worry about how she will care for you. 

Party is OK 

A very long day always ends with a nice and hard party at one nightclub in the city. 

At least you won’t have a boring experience when you date an Abuja sugar mummy. 


She can trust you with her life 

The bonus of 8 Amazing facts about Abuja sugar Mummies is how this woman can trust you with her life. 

You don’t need to worry if she trusts you, because it will be evident the way she treats you. But don’t try to break that trust because you may regret it your entire life. 


These 8 Amazing facts about Abuja sugar Mummies will help you become very careful when you relate with your sugar mummy. 

You should learn what you must do and what you should avoid to be on the safe side as you date an Abuja sugar mummy. 

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