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8 facts about Toronto sugar mummies: Should you date them?

I will be revealing 8 facts about Toronto sugar mummies to you so you can know how to relate with them. You will learn many things about beautiful ladies in Toronto. 

There are many rumors going around that they are cold and not polite especially with young men that approach them for relationships. However, we will know if that is actually true or false. 

Important Note: This is not an article with the purpose of berating Toronto sugar mummies but an avenue to reveal many things we found to you. Everybody in the world has a positive side and some ugly side. 

These 8 facts about Toronto sugar mummies I will list here are from people’s opinions and submissions after dating Toronto sugar mummies or having an encounter with them.

8 facts about Toronto sugar mummies

8 facts about Toronto sugar mummies
Toronto sugar mummy

Very Open 

Toronto sugar mummy doesn’t mind sharing some parts of her dream and plans with you if you finally won her trust. 

Some attribute their openness to the fact that they are rich and have control over her finances but it is definitely how they are wired. 

Politely straight

Don’t expect the Toronto sugar mummy to hide her feelings from you. She has a mouth and will use it to praise you when the time comes but she won’t hide her feelings from you. 

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She will tell you to the face that you wronged her. But if you see her hiding some of the hateful feelings then you should be careful because she may throw you out. 

Not shy like people from Ottawa 

If you are angry because I mentioned Ottawa on this part of “8 facts about Toronto sugar mummies” then you are not true to yourself. Toronto sugar mummies beat Ottawa sugar mummies when it comes to boldness. 

An Ottawa lady will not tell you things to the face the way a Toronto lady will do it. Instead she will put on a fake smile which is not a culture for Toronto sugar mummies. 

Don’t tolerate time wasting 

But why should you decide to waste the time of a lady living in Toronto? It shouldn’t happen again because these people have huge rent to pay, mortgage to offset, and tax is not funny. 

When you have a date with a sugar mummy from Toronto make sure you are at the venue on the appointed time Because they will walk away without looking back. 

Compete with men

They claim that they have the same opportunity, and life with men so they don’t mind starting an unhealthy relationship with a man just to prove themselves. 

When you date a sugar mummy from Toronto, be watchful when she starts to draw lines of competition with you. 

Very independent 

You shouldn’t think you are in the life of a Toronto sugar mummy to support her. She is already independent and she has felt the need to be independent right from birth. 

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You only have to perform your part of the agreement you made with her. 

No plan of marriage 

Well, they are already sugar mummies, so they are not interested in marriage. But why are they not married in the first place? They despise men at their young age.

They don’t want to hear anything called marriage but immediately they start seeing the real meaning of old age, they start looking for a sugar boy to care for them. 

Extreme feminism

I do support rights for women but when it gets off-hand it will lead to personality disaster. Sugar mummies in Toronto should stop seeing themselves as mini gods just because they have money to pay a man to satisfy them. 


As I already said before, these 8 facts about Toronto sugar mummies are not targeted to damage the image of Toronto ladies. 

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