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Am I Bisexual Quiz

What does it mean to be bisexual? Everybody has his or her take on what being bisexual means. Here’s a quick “am I bisexual quiz” to make you discern your sexual orientation.

Questions and Answers

1. Do you feel motivated to be with a man?

    1. Yes, I like men because of the fact that they are rough.
    2. Yes, men’s skin is my motivator.
    3. I like men because of their dark humor.
    4. I don’t feel motivated to be with a man.
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2. Which gender are you most comfortably ok with?

    1. Males only
    2. Females only
    3. Both male and female
    4. I don’t know

3. Among the two genders, which do you feel is more affectionate?

    1. Females are more affectionate
    2. Males are the most affectionate of the two genders
    3. Affection is more when both partners are of the same sex or gender
    4. I am indifferent about this

4. Do you see yourself being attracted to both genders, or do you have a problem with that?

    1. I don’t see myself mingling with both genders
    2. Yes, I can be attracted to both genders easily
    3. It works for me, but just sometimes
    4. To be honest, I’m not into the both-gender thing

5. What motivates you to embrace the idea of being attracted to both sexes?

    1. The millennial era
    2. It’s a natural thing
    3. I repeat I am not attracted to both sexes
    4. I am gay and hence don’t have an issue with that

6. Would you rather qualify yourself as bisexual?

    1. Nope
    2. Yes
    3. I used to be, but not any longer
    4. I am straight actually

7. Of the two genders, which resembles you the most?

    1. The opposite sex
    2. Same-sex
    3. Both
    4. I am not sure

8. Do you see yourself engaging in sex with both sexes?

    1. No way, you must be kidding right?
    2. Yes, a sure way
    3. Not all the times
    4. It depends on the definition given of attraction

9. If someone of the same gender as you asks you out, would you feel excited or awful?

    1. Call me excitement
    2. That’s awful, who does that?
    3. Maybe, but I am not sure
    4. Indifferent

10. Do you see yourself in the future with someone who is the same gender as you?

    1. Absolutely yes
    2. Yes
    3. No, never
    4. Maybe
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11. Which gender do you have sexual fantasies for?

    1. Only make gender
    2. Only the female gender
    3. Both genders
    4. I am not really sure

12. Can you describe your sexual orientation as bisexual?

    1. I am sure is
    2. Maybe, but I am not very sure
    3. I don’t think so
    4. Absolutely no

13. Have you ever gotten intimate with both sexes?

    1. Occasionally
    2. Never
    3. Yes
    4. Will love to

14. What is one thing about women that motivates you?

    1. How they smell
    2. How fragile they are
    3. Their sensuality
    4. Nothing thrills me about women


Thank you for taking this “am I bisexual quiz” purposefully compiled for you.

Do you finally know your stands?

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