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Am I Demisexual Test: Find out with these In-depth Questions

A lot of people are confused about their sexual orientation. Do you think you are demisexual? We have provided this “Am I Demisexual Test” just to get you certain and sure about your sexuality.

But first, here’s a piece of brief background information.

When it comes to sexuality, it is hard to keep all the categories and subcategories straight. You may have experienced different sexual identity roles and may have been confused about which one best fits your relationship needs.

Well, here’s the thing. You are not alone. A lot of people are often uncertain whether they a demisexual, asexual, graysexual, etc.
This short test will guide you to successfully navigate through the different aspects of sexual orientation and find the answers you are looking for.

How to Take the “Am I Demisexual Test”

Actually, there is no scientifically proven method to check someone’s sexual orientation. However, this short test will guide you through making the right choice.

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You are to provide answers based on your honest opinion. Your answers put you in the picture of whether demisexuality is for you or not for you.

Questions and Answers

1. Is emotional connection important to you?

  1. Yes, a lot
  2. Not much
  3. Very little

2. Does emotional connection dictate your level of dedication in relationships?

  1. Positive
  2. Neutral
  3. Negative

3. Do you feel sexually attracted to someone you just met?

  1. Yes, every time
  2. Sometimes
  3. Not really

4. Do you see yourself having sex with someone you barely even know?

  1. Yes
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

5. Do you feel less sexually attracted to people of your age limit?

  1. Yes, this happens all the time
  2. Sometimes
  3. I get attracted to anyone

6. How is sex important to you in a relationship?

  1. Very important. I see this as a very important aspect of a relationship.
  2. No, not much. I seldom experience sexual attraction, hence this is not a problem for me.
  3. Not important at all. Take sex out of the equation and I’m still fine with it.

7. What time span do you leave before engaging in sexual intimacy?

  1. A long time, since sex is not a priority for me.
  2. Not a long time, sometimes I just fall for the person I am attracted to.
  3. A little time, I do it when I feel it is right.

8. In terms of dating, do you have any sexual preference?

  1. Typically not
  2. No, I see an emotional connection as the major thing
  3. No, I would rather prefer no sexual connection

9. Do you see your ideal relationship as one that has primary ideas of love and romance?

  1. Of course, that’s everybody’s dream
  2. No, not necessarily
  3. Yes, I will go with that
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10. How important is a relationship to you?

  1. Very important
  2. Just a little
  3. Not important at all


In summary, demisexuality has to do with feelings you experience when you are emotionally bonded to someone. With that being said, it implies that a demisexual person needs enough time to create the desire for physical intimacy.

In addition, it is equally important that you know that demisexuality is a relatively new concept. Also, the concept of demisexuality and asexuality should not be taken as one and the same.

Indeed, you have done a perfect job by taking this “Am I Demisexual Test”. We trust it was helpful.

Please drop some comments and kindly share if you found this article valuable. Cares!

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