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Am I Trans Quiz

Am I Trans Quiz! Will take you through a couple of distinctive questions that help guide you know whether you are transgender or not.

Gender is the inner feeling that some have and how they intend to express themselves to the outside world. Every individual is unique in personality, and this personality often develops from childhood until maturity.

If you are having difficulty determining your true sexual orientation, then takes this test you that you will be guided.

Questions and Answers

1. Let’s start out this way. What do you feel about clothes made for the opposite gender?

    1. The dress doesn’t matter to me, so I wear any kind of dress irrespective of which gender it was made for
    2. I feel like myself wearing clothes made for the opposite sex
    3. I have never worn clothes meant for the opposite sex
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2. Have you ever used a different name apart from the one given to you at birth?

    1. Yes, I had always used pseudo names
    2. No, I have never done that
    3. Only sometimes

3. What is the nature of your friends? Are they of the same sex or the opposite sex?

    1. The ratio is 50 to 50
    2. All my friends are of the same sex as myself
    3. I only make friends with the opposite sex

4. Which of these best describes your personality?

    1. Introverted
    2. Modest
    3. Extroverted
    4. Nice

5. Whenever you disagree with someone, what is your best possible reaction?

    1. I pretend as if nothing has happened, and I move on
    2. Always try to get to the roots of the problem and discern which side is responsible for it
    3. I have no idea

6. As a child, what type of toys were your favorite playing tools?

    1. Football
    2. Toys
    3. Trucks

7. Do you have any name you would prefer to be called?

    1. Call me by my current name
    2. Give me any masculine or feminine name
    3. Unisex

8. Have you ever wished you were born different sex?

    1. No, never for once
    2. Yes, all the time
    3. Yes, only sometimes

9. Has anybody ever called you by the wrong pronoun?

    1. It has never happened
    2. It happens to me a lot
    3. Only a few times

10. If given the opportunity, do you see yourself changing your gender in the near future?

    1. Without a second guess, I would want to change my gender
    2. No way, I would rather remain the same for the life
    3. I am still thinking about this


As individuals, we face a lot of challenges in our everyday lives. Knowing our internal identity or personality as it has to do with sexual orientation can be one of the foremost challenges an individual can face.

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At birth, every individual is shaped into a particular gender. However, may see gender as how an individual should feel inside and not how they are being shaped from birth either through dressing styles, gender roles, or toy preferences.

Thank you for taking this quiz. Dailygam cares. Drop your comments as need be.

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