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10 Bare Minimum Standards in a Relationship

The bare minimum is a term describing the floor needs in a relationship. What are we saying? Those essential things you require from your partner can be termed your bare minimum in the relationship.

The alarming thing is, it becomes relatively difficult to figure out those qualities that can be termed essential demands worth sacrificing for.

So where are we going with this article?

While you may be thinking the article is about those things that should be considered bare minimum qualities, we will take a detour.

The article will take a turn and focus on those minor requirements you set as expectations from relationships without demanding too much. The aim is to set the minimum standards that will ensure your happiness and that of your partner in the relationship.

1. Know your stands in the relationship and where you headed

When it comes to standards in relationships, every partner needs to know the nature of the relationship they are in. It is true that most adults today want to keep their relationships casual. However, a point will reach when things need to move to the next level.

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Setting this bare minimum can help both partners understand each other better, and hence grow.

2. The Law of Attraction

The bare minimum law of attraction says that you should be attracted to your partner. Relationships thrive when partners are attracted to each other.

Physical attraction works best in relationships, and this needs to be reciprocated.

3. Respect is Necessary

According to studies, respect ranks higher than other notable relationship qualities like love.  Without asking what the bare minimum standard in a relationship is, respect your partner irrespective of who they are.

4. Treat them as Plan A

Never treat your partner as plan B. Always ask yourself questions regarding how committed you are to the relationship.

Don’t make your partner feel you chose them for convenience because they don’t deserve such a treatment.

5. Be there Always

Always be there. By being there, we are not talking about physical presence only. Be there for your partner, especially on special events such as their birthdays. And also, don’t forget to always call or drop them a text message.

6. Be Clear

Always let your partner knows your intentions. It is not good to leave your partner guessing because you can’t be sure what sign they will see.

So to avoid arguments, always be clear. This is the bare minimum in a relationship.

7. Accept

Another bare minimum in a relationship is acceptance. There is no need to reiterate this fact, always accept it without anybody telling you.

8. Be Real

There is no way your partner will accuse you of being fake when you bring your real self to the table.

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It is difficult to be real especially when you want to impress your partner. However, you have to look towards this bare minimum because you can’t fake it for long.

9. Don’t Over Control, and Don’t be Controlled

The relationship shouldn’t be all about the rule you personally set. Conversely, don’t allow yourself to be controlled so that you earn and keep your respect. It’s a two-way thing.

10. It’s not Just about Sex

As adults, there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with no strings attached. Since you know what you want, keep to it. But if sex is your bare minimum in a relationship, then let it be so.


When both people get involved in the relationship, the whole union prospers. If you discover that you and your partner don’t see eye-to-eye in terms of a relationship bare minimum, hurriedly look for a solution before things get shattered.

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