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How to Know Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you? Yes, you read that right, and it is the subject of this very article.

Cheating and feeling insecure in a relationship can be emotionally draining and scary for some people. It could as well be the last thing they can take in that relationship, which is indeed painful because cheating is just one ballgame that never really ends well. It is destabilizing and destroys what’s left of the relationship.

Some relationship experts say cheating can be difficult to deal with and figure out. One thing is for sure there is always a change of behavior from your boyfriend.

Sometimes suspicion arises sharply. Other times your instincts will be the first to make you know or your gut feeling giving the signal.

Whatever the case is, the goal is to confirm if your boyfriend is cheating on you, but how?

In this article, you will be reading expert ways to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

How to know if your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Here are some expert signs you see when your boyfriend cheats on you.

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Change of Routine

One expert way to know if your boyfriend is cheating is to be observant of his routine.

  • What was his daily life like before the suspicion started?
  • Is he a 9-5 guy and is now staying back late?
  • Is his schedule always a busy one?
  • Does he wake up earlier than usual now?
  • Is he going out more often than usual?

Check out all these drastic changes to be sure of your suspicion.

Distraction and Irritation

He is always the type to notice every new thing about you, but now you have to call his attention to it or call him twice in the middle of a conversation, and yet he merely shrugs off his shoulder or nods in response.

Another thing you notice is your boyfriend is suddenly uninterested in the things you both cherish.

Mood Swings and Silly Accusations

When your boyfriend is cheating on you, his mood changes due to the feeling of guilt

You notice this different and distant feeling whenever you’re around each other.

He sums this up with something called “reverse engineering“. This is when he tries to play the victim and ultimately blames you for flirting too much with this person and talking too much with that person.

Changes password and becomes uptight

When Your boyfriend suddenly changes his phone’s password, keeps you out of his social media life, and acts weird whenever you try to fix his wardrobe, something is probably wrong. He is not only secretive with his belongings but also receives gifts unexpectedly and reduces outings with you, which means he is into someone else.

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Receives late-night calls and text

These are perhaps the most common attributes of a cheating partner, waking up to receive calls late into the night or at midnight, talking silently, and sneaking into an enclosed space to avoid you.

You wake up to his phone beeping with messages notification.

How do you deal with this?

Get your facts together, and focus on yourself instead and when the secrets come out in the open, sit down to discuss the situation. If the reason is worth forgiving, go ahead and do so. If not, walk away. Remember to always think about yourself first whenever cheating appears in your relationship.

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