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7 Most Obvious Characteristics of a Cheating Woman

In every relationship, there are tendencies of having one or both partners cheat. Women cheat, just as men do, but do it in a more concealed manner. This article explores some of the most obvious characteristics of a cheating woman.

Since women are good at hiding their affairs, how can you tell if your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you? Let us examine some of the notable traits of a cheating woman.

Why do People Cheat?

No matter the reason why people cheat, the most obvious is the fact that the partner that is cheating is looking for an unfair advantage over the other partner. in most cases, the victim’s feelings are not considered while the cheat tries to maximize their pleasure or benefits.

According to research, women engage in cheating or related affairs less often than men, a ratio of 1 is to 2.

Reasons why Women Cheat

There are so many reasons why people cheat. But what is cheating anyway?

Cheating, in its simple sense, is having sexual intercourse with somebody, other than your legal partner or spouse. However, the definition got a wider scope which covers emotional or social media affairs.

A 2022 study outlined some main psychological reasons why women cheat. The following reasons came forth:

  • Communication gap
  • Lack of satisfaction
  • Incessant conflict in the relationship
  • Feelings of insecurity
  • Lack of love
  • Low commitment
  • Addition related issues
  • Low commitment
  • High libido

7 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman

Let’s stake a look at the behavioral characteristics and personality of a cheating woman. Here, we will consider the notable characteristics of a cheating woman, with some light added to each.

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An indication of any of the threats explained below means that there’s a red flag, and hence, you need to rias eyebrows.

She distances herself emotionally

One of the notable traits exhibited by women that cheat is emotional detachment from their partners. By distancing herself from her partner, a cheating woman is able to clinch to the third person emotionally.

It may start with a gradual detachment and later result in complete emotional withdrawal. It may get to a point where she stops talking to you.

She starts avoiding her partner

She begins to spend less time with you, physical time this time around. You will notice that she has changed her mind about an activity both of you earlier planned for. At this juncture, she has found someone who gives her fun, resulting in her disengagement with you.

Another reason why a cheating woman tends to avoid her partner is the fear of getting caught. she believes that the more she avoids you, the less likely you are to find out about her extra affairs.

She lies a lot

This point is the time when your woman becomes a secret agent. Virtually anything that comes out of her mouth is full of lies and deceit. She will start withholding some information which, erstwhile, she had no problem sharing with you.

Also, she tries to avoid answering questions concerning her whereabouts. At most, she would provide shoddy details in response to such queries. More to that, she begins with necessary explanations on simple matters that require little or no explanations.

She becomes extra-ordinarily nice

Whenever you notice a sudden spike in how nice she recently has been to you, there must be something highly suspect. That could be nothing but cheating.

She tries to be nice to get away with it or ease her guilt by overcompensating by using good behavior. You will be showered with gifts, sometimes, and given express permission to take a trip with your buddies. Red Flag!

Easily gets mad

Another way a cheating woman guilt-trips her partner is by getting mad at any slightest thing the partner does. She picks up fights easily and gets mad at you to justify her cheating behavior.

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If you react with anger, she takes it that you are a bad lover and hence need to be cheated on.

She hardly gets mad

In contrast to the trait above, a cheating woman sometimes acts not be mad at anything you do no matter how it hurts her or used to hurt her before. Even when you do stupid things, she doesn’t accuse or blame you.

When you see this happening, it simply implies that whatever you do doesn’t matter to her anymore.

She stops being open

A cheating woman lives a life separately, both physically and emotionally, from that of the partner or spouse. You will notice that she doesn’t talk to you about stuff any longer.

she may also be adamant about replying to your text messages or picking up your calls.


It is very important to note that you just don’t jump into concussions that your partner is cheating just because she exhibits any of the characteristics above. Before you make such claims, make sure that you have gathered irrefutable evidence to nail her down.

A wrong accusation can ruin your relationship. Hence, it is advisable that when you notice that your woman is exhibiting any characteristics of a cheating woman mentioned above, conduct proper investigations before drawing any conclusions or taking serious actions.

If for any reason you feel there are ways you two could resolve this, we suggest that you play your part by entertaining her with love paragraphs to make her feel respected as your queen. cares!

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