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Cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in brazil

Cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in Brazil are basically those wealthy states with enough resources and inflow of expatriates. 

The question about the city with the highest number of rich sugar mummies in Brazil is very important as it will help you make wise decisions when looking for a sugar mummy. 

There are thousands of sugar mummies in Brazil but some cities have more share of the number than others. 

It does not mean that other cities have no sugar mummy that can spend money on you. But the cities I will mention have bigger number which translates to wider option.

Cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in brazil

Cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in brazil
Brazilian sugar mummy

Distrito federal 

Maybe you can argue that this is not even a state in Brazil, but it should interest you to know that distrito being the seat of power will surely have more rich women as residents and a higher number of rich migrants from Asia, Europe and the United States.

The amazing number of sugar mummies here can be attributed to the successful nature of ladies in districto. 

Most of the sugar mummies here are into big agricultural business which is one of the engines of Brazil’s wealth. 

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You will also meet some sugar mummies who own small businesses in the city center. 

São Paulo

Coming second on our list of cities in brazil with highest number of sugar mummies. This popular state welcomes international tourists that come to Brazil for vacation, and to visit historical places in the country. 

What made this state have more sugar mummies is the presence of many women from neighboring Latin countries. 

They come here to have fun during holiday periods. This is also the time you will notice hike on sugar mummy relationship. 

Rio de Janeiro 

Sugar mummies that are in Rio de ganeiro own the big chemical industries in the city. They control many businesses here. 

You don’t need to prove yourself to a sugar mummy in Rio de Janeiro since they are ready to support you with their wealth. What you should do is to give them good satisfaction and love. 

Agriculture is another source of revenue to this state, and women are massively engaged in agricultural activities here. 


There are thousands of sugar mummies here who are not making noise but they can do anything for their sugar boy. 

One thing you should do with a Salvadoran sugar mummy is to make her happy. They don’t mind listening to your jokes just to be happy and laugh. 

Take her to the beach because most of them just work for many hours without having time for fun and entertainment. 

Belo Horizonte 

Rich sugar mummies here don’t mind breaking up with you if you disrespect her family or person. Her kids should be loved the way you love her. 

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They have enough money to spend on a loyal boy. You can be sure of your daily allowance if you hang out with her in the bar or club together. 

Apart from being among Cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in Brazil, Salvador has the most gorgeous ladies in brazil. With their long and beautiful hair-do. 


The capital of Brazil has the highest number of rich sugar mummies in Brazil followed by São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

Other cities have a large number of sugar mummies that can date you but there are more in these cities mentioned. 

Remember to check dailygam for more interesting facts brazil sugar mummies. 

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