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3 Warning Signs of a Dark Empath in a Relationship

Psychologists have come up with a new set of personality traits that are generally referred to as the dark triad. This trait, also known as a dark empath, is characteristic of sadists.
The general belief is that the people who are referred to as dark empaths show absolutely no empathy.

Let’s get some basic definitions.

What is Dark Empath?

There is no definition for dark empathy without proper consideration of the word empathy. Basically, a dark empathy is he or she that sees emotional detriment as a goal.

Usually, a dark empathy tends to study anybody he or she comes in contact with at first sight. It’s a process of collecting information and understanding the individual for the purpose of exploitation by the toxic empath.

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Should a Dark Empath be Considered Dangerous?

Short answer, yes. Check from the combination of words – there is empathy joined with darkness. An individual full of empathy has one of the following characteristics:

  • Feels how somebody feels as if they are the one (affective)
  • Has an understanding of somebody’s emotions and feelings (cognitive)
  • Blends the affective and cognitive (compassion)
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For a dark empath, empathy is used as a way to take advantage of the other individual. Some of the dark empath traits include:

  • Lack of concern for others and their needs (The narcissist)
  • Full of manipulation without guilt or remorse (The Psychopath)
  • A strong desire for power and guts to do whatever it takes to achieve such power (Machiavellism)

In simple terms without long grammar, a dark empath is seen as someone full of evil.

3 Signs of a Dark Empath in Relationship

Here are the three most important signs of a dark empath in a relationship:

1. They use your words against you

A dark empath personality trait exhibits some good degree of intelligence, brilliance, and keen observation. In reality, these individuals can make you feel more understood than anyone you have ever met before.

But while you think they genuinely understand you, they actually care less about your emotions. All they desire is to gather enough information from you and use it to their advantage.

2. They victimize the insecure and the sensitive

People who exhibit trust and sensitivity are prone to fall prey to dark empaths.

What does this imply?

A dark empath would prefer wallowing in someone’s pain instead of joy. They tend to like it when they see others powerless and stranded in life. All information they gather in the process of listening to you is to be used to their advantage, your woes.

3. They are never remorseful or regretful

A dark empath is not remorseful, nor do they regret anything. Because they think they are always right and infallible, they see no reason to apologize.

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They always justify themselves for any act of manipulation that they exhibit. They use other people’s weaknesses or problems to their advantage.


Most dark empaths disguise themselves and thereby making it difficult to recognize them from the surface. They use captivating ways to bring people closer to them in order to make their exploits. The end result could be seriously harmful to the victim.

But there’s a way out. You can actually know them by tapping into their inner strength. Always try and get a sense of personal purpose, that way you will be able to suppress a dark empath’s superiority.

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