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Dealing With a Crazy Wife

How crazy is your spouse? Marital issues are bound to occur. How you handle them matters.

A crazy wife ordeal isn’t a strange thing in our world but getting help on how to tackle it might be a hell of a task.

Are you stuck in a marriage where your wife exhibits all manner of craziness and psychological disorder, nags, doesn’t regard you as the husband, is always angry, condescending, threatens to hurt you, and frequently acts like a psychopath?

Dealing with them can be more than a handful, especially when trying hard not to lose your cool.

However, do not jump to conclusions yet confirm if truly your wife is going through some psychological disorder and you aren’t just making it up or imagining things before dealing with the issue or visiting a therapist.

These tips will help you conquer the crazy wife problem.

1.  Unravel the Cause

Psychologists reveal more often than not, wives who act crazy must have been through “depressed emotions”, which stem from things that happened to them in the past they are trying hard not to confront.

Therefore your crazy wife’s attitude could have been from her horrible past or insecurities, making her act irrational and hostile towards people.

Although she might try hard to hide all this suffering, you should prompt the truth out of her, locate her area of insecurities and try to help her overcome them. Pray for her when she gets down and struggles through her psychological disorder. Be the best supporting pal you can be for her.

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2. Communicate and Understand Her Plight

Understand she is going through a lot even if she displays strengths and numerous obnoxious or irritating attitudes. See through her craziness, sit her down for a serious conversation, and express your genuine thoughts on how disturbing her attitude is.

Listen to her, make her see your point of view too, take your stand on unacceptable issues, and if she becomes unbearable, walk out.

Try to make her see that you genuinely care and love her. Never use harsh words when she is acting crazy or nagging.

Instead, try to get a close relative to talk her into being a better version of herself.

3. Spend Some Quality Time with Her

Create a couple’s time in your schedule. Spend quality time with your wife, and use this time to understand each other. Talk about your dreams, aspirations, and exciting things to improve each other. Compliment her daily for her looks and dress.

Appreciate her efforts in managing her duties and concerns about your relationship. Call her sweet names and bring a smile to her face by buying her presents and telling her funny jokes.

4. Do Not Fall Short of Your Responsibilities Towards Her.

Try not to give her any reason to nag you or act crazy. Provide and look out for her needs. Fulfill your responsibilities to the best of your ability, and help her with the chores and children. That way, she wouldn’t feel the need to get worried or get crazy about everything and anything.

5. Encourage Her To Go For Therapy.

Nobody decides to be crazy at night. Some situations warrant this behavior. Encourage your wife to seek help for her psychological problem and be with her through it all. Try to build a harmonious relationship for peace and a more trustworthy affair between you and her.

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6. Know That Nothing Last Forever

In every relationship, there are ups and downs. Know that this is your cross to bear, tolerate and exercise patience as you help each other because as we all know, nothing lasts forever.


It may seem difficult to deal with a crazy wife attitude, but it is possible. There’s a reason you both ended up together, the most important being the fact that you can handle her.

Take your time and review some of these tips, they are your most helpful resource. Remember, love is always the answer. When you love and cherish your wife, she will change no matter what.

If you find this helpful, feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading. Cares!

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