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Do I have daddy issues quiz: finding out the truth

Do I have daddy issues quiz will not only reveal how you actually feel about your daddy but also help you understand why you choose something. You will have the real insight of all your actions against your father. 

The quiz is developed by people who have a deep knowledge of psychology. You won’t be misunderstanding your actions again after taking this “Do I have father issues quiz” 

But before you go straight into the quiz. Search yourself and understand if you are really going to answer the questions put up here with all sincere heart. That you had a very ugly experience with your father yesterday should not influence your replies but the genuine way you have been feeling for a very long-time.

Most accurate Do I have daddy issues quiz

Do I have daddy issues quiz

Something notable that affects how people answer this quiz is how their father behaves. Maybe he is drunk or just normal abuse. I will encourage you you to openly supply answers when necessary so that you will know if you really have father issues of just normal anger. 

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Do you often talk with your parents? 

  • Sometimes 
  • Almost daily 
  • When I have urgent issues to discuss 

Do you always argue with him? 

  • No
  • We argue daily 
  • It’s such a big problem 
  • Our arguments are not bad

Do you forget hurtful arguments easily 

  • It lasts for days
  • Some hours
  • Well, only that day 
  • It is totally nothing to me

Do you get pissed when people talk about their daddy? 

  • Not at all
  • Maybe sometimes 
  • Always 
  • When they praise their father 

You easily feel anger and anxious when talking with your daddy 

  • Yes
  • I think everyone does
  • I feel comfortable 
  • I don’t think so

Are you planning to leave home

  • Yes, but not always 
  • I want to move anytime soon
  • I still wanna stay a bit

one important thing you want from your partner 

  • Understand my feelings 
  • Listen to me
  • Don’t ask about my secrets 
  • Normal relationship 

Suffered depression in the past because of your daddy

  • Just once 
  • Many times 
  • I don’t think so
  • Was angry, but not depressed 

Would you like to be like your daddy

  • In some ways 
  • Never 
  • Definitely 
  • Just his working pattern 

How does your daddy react when you fail something

  • Criticism with anger 
  • Encouragement 
  • Ignore everything 

After looking at the above “Do I have daddy issues quiz” and your answers are always positive then you may actually have daddy issues. 

You can ignite a good relationship with your daddy if you have real daddy issues. You may just need to understand the weak points of your father and stay clear of them. 

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If your answers are always uncertain and in the middle, then you may have been abused by your father or you don’t know how to relate with people and their weaknesses. 

If you think your answers are in the negative side then you just feel anger and you can work out things with your daddy easily. 

Frequently asked questions 

Do I have daddy issues and quiz something I can trust

The quiz is targeted at looking at many issues and signs. So, they are good. 

Is it applicable to my step daddy?

You can use the quiz to understand your relationship level with your step daddy. 


A daddy issues quiz will help you understand some questions you have been asking repeatedly about your daddy and how he behaves.

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