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Does He Love Me Quiz: The Answers will Shock You

Do you want to know if your boyfriend really loves you? Then take this “does he love me quiz” to find out.

There is a need for ladies who are getting into a new relationship to ponder whether their male friends are loving them or not.

So, here are a couple of questions to let you know if he loves you or not.

Question and Answers

1. Does he treat you like a queen?

    1. Not really
    2. Yes, he sure does
    3. Sometimes

2. Does he make eye contact with you? If yes, how often?

    1. He rarely makes eye contact with me
    2. Very often
    3. He never makes eye contact with me
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3. How about small gifts, flowers, and notes?

    1. He often surprises me with gifts
    2. He hardly gives me gifts
    3. Only sometimes

4. Does he usually text you out of the blue?

    1. All the time
    2. Sometimes
    3. Rarely
    4. Never

5. Do both of you enjoy laughing while spending time together?

    1. Yes, all the time
    2. Yes, but only sometimes
    3. We rarely laugh when we are together
    4. We never laugh together

6. Has he ever bought you the kind of food you like?

    1. Yes, on many occasions
    2. Yes, sometimes
    3. He hardly buys me food I like
    4. He has never bought me food that I like

7. How often does he share personal issues or details with you?

    1. Very often
    2. Not often
    3. Seldom
    4. Never

8. How about calling or texting randomly?

    1. He does that sometimes
    2. He does that most of the time
    3. He does that, only a few times
    4. He doesn’t text or calls

9. How concerned is he about your happiness?

    1. Very concerned
    2. Less concerned
    3. Not concerned at all
    4. Indifferent

10. How often does he talk about the future with you

    1. Never
    2. Rarely
    3. Most of the time
    4. All the time

11. He compliments you all the time.

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I am not sure

12. Has he ever introduced his friends to you?

    1. No, I don’t know any of his friends
    2. Yes, I know all his friends
    3. I only know a few of his friends

13. When you are going through some hard times, what does he do?

    1. He seems less concerned
    2. He tries to help in any way he can
    3. He allows me to handle my problems by my own self
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14. What is his reaction to your achievements?

    1. He is always happy when I achieve the slightest success
    2. He tends to be jealous of my success
    3. It depends, mostly on his mood when I share the news

15. Have you ever been introduced to his family?

    1. I’ve met just a few of them
    2. Yes
    3. No


Taking this does he love me quiz will help you clear doubts and let you know where you stand in the relationship.

Thank you for taking the quiz. We do hope it was helpful. Check out an interesting article highlighting how long it takes for someone to fall in love, just in case this quiz has not given you satisfactory results.

Sincerely the best blog ever, dailygam.

Did you enjoy this quiz? Please get back to us through the comments section and let us know what you feel.

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