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Dominant in Relationship: 5 Signs of a Controller

Oftentimes, people in relationships feel as if the other partner is dominant in a relationship while they are gradually losing control of the same. Dominance in a relationship is not bad, as long as it doesn’t exert toxic effects on the other partner.

However, when one partner is over-dominant in the relationship, an imbalance is created which may suffocate the subordinate partner.

Definition of Dominating Relationship

A dominating relationship is one in which one of the partners controls the relationship. This happens when one of the partners has a dominant personality and transfers that personality to the relationship.

In this kind of relationship, the dominant partner controls almost every aspect of the relationship including how the subordinate feels or reacts.

5 Signs of a Dominant Partner in a Relationship 

Persons who are dominant in relationships exhibit one or more of the 5 traits explained below:

1. Independence

Persons that dominate relationships are independent. Because they don’t depend on the other partner for basic needs such as groceries, they tend to control the relationship.

When they need something, they go out by themselves to get them done instead of relying on their subordinate partner.

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2. Confrontation

A dominant person in a relationship hardly keeps quiet, especially when hurt by the other partner. Confronting a companion is a clear sign of dominance in a relationship. If you want to dominate, then you need to clear things up as need be. You do that in the most honest manner possible, and without hesitation.

3. Confidence

Confidence and uprightness are key traits of a dominating personality. What this means is that they do not allow themselves to be controlled by their companion. It is a challenge, and when something happens they take to the challenge and prove to their partner that they are equally as powerful.

4. Never Settle for Less

A dominating personality never settles for less, no matter what. They make sure that they get nothing less than what they deserve.

When things get off track and they are not happy with how they are going, they simply walk away from the relationship.

5. Not Always Available

A dominant personality has a way of going out to enjoy life alone. They don’t depend on their partners to tell them who to hang out with and who not to.

Their life revolves outside the relationship, and they try to prove that to their partner. When they want to have fun, the presence of their partner is not very needed.

How to Deal with a Dominant Partner

The following bulleted steps can help you when dealing with a dominant personality in your relationship:

  • Keep your boundaries and don’t always give in to their demand
  • Stay strong and always speak up
  • Be honest, let your partner know that you stand by your words all the time
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Having a dominant partner in a relationship can be very cumbersome. The best way to get your way through such relationships is to make sure you are conversant with the signs of a dominant personality and try to create a balance in your relationship by knowing how to deal with such a person.

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