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7 Signs You are a Dominant Wife

A dominant wife is one who takes it upon herself to control every situation that arises in a relationship. Best known to her, she does this to keep things in shape.

A domineering wife believes that she is doing the right thing always, and sees reasons why her partner should also follow suit.

There is nothing wrong with always holding the remote control, but hope that doesn’t translate into you wearing the control pants at home.

If your husband loves you, he may be willing to tolerate your domineering or crazy wife attitude for some time. However, it won’t get longer before you see a counter-reaction.

Who is a Dominating Wife?

In simple terms, a dominating wife is a wife that has little or no respect for her husband. Often, she approaches and addresses the spouse with utter aggression and merciless criticism. This happens at home, or even when he is with friends or colleagues.

This kind of barefaced disregard for one’s husband only leaves the impression that the husband is somewhere beneath the wife.

7 Signs of a Dominant Wife

Below are the 7 major signs that you are a dominating wife:

1. Cages Spouse from Other

One of the important signs of a dominant woman is she tries to isolate her husband from others – his family, friends, or colleagues. She starts complaining anytime he spends some time with this group of people.

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Why she does is to break the husband’s support system, and hence he has no one to look up to when things break down.

2. Criticizes and Complains

A dominant wife criticizes and complains a lot. This is a notable feature to consider. No matter how small the issue is, she will always complain.

Often, it starts small and then later escalates into something bigger for the partner to condone.

3. Loves Conditionally

A domineering wife sets conditions for which she would love her partner. For instance, she may come up with things like “if you add weight, I am not going to find you attractive again”.

Sometimes, she challenges the present condition of the man and wishes he would be somebody better than who he is.

4. Financially Control

Money controls how people relate because of its importance to daily living. A dominant wife is always in control of the finances. She sees herself as an independent woman and hence needs little or no financial support from her husband.

Because she pays the bills, she feels she is in total control of the marriage relationship.

5. She Rules the Bedroom Game

A dominant wife’s role even extends to the bedroom. When it comes to bedroom games, she controls virtually everything.

She dictates how the husband makes love to her, and when she wants to make love to the husband. In most cases, this will leave the husband wanting and possibly result in him cheating on her.

6. Trust Issues

Being unable to trust someone after spending a long period of time in a relationship is more personal than you can imagine.

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A dominant wife is prone to having trust issues. She often asks about the husband’s whereabouts, every now and then and this can get sickening for the spouse. Men don’t like talking about their whereabouts every passing minute.

7. Incessant Conflicts

Although some dominant wives prefer to flow under the radar, others openly engage in arguments leading to constant conflict and crisis in the relationship.

As it is, a dominant woman almost always wins the argument, making her mate look like the “bad guy” all the time. In most cases, the partner gets tired of arguing and gives in to defeat.


It is hard staying with a dominant wife. But what is equally challenging is dealing with a dominant wife attitude.

If you have gone through this article, then you may be possibly looking for ways to solve your issues as a dominant partner in a marital relationship. Work with your partner, and both of you can find an amicable solution.

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