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Emotional attraction – pathway to deep connection

Emotional attraction is when you feel a very deep connection to someone or something. This kind of connection is always not easily explainable since you are not aware how it started. 

You can have attraction towards someone because of their physical appearance or wealth. However, emotional attraction does not factor in those physical things that people see. 

The relationship world is built on deep attraction that has emotional as the number one pillar of love. You will think of love and other things when you first sense that deep attraction. 

You can try to hate someone which is also an emotional reaction. It takes emotions to despise a person. That same emotion is needed to create or kindle love and affection. 

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What is emotional attraction in a relationship?

Emotions are like those magnets that create a rush in your heart which makes you start seeing someone in a different way. 

So, in relationships. What brings two people together to have a deeper connection is emotional attraction. Look at it this way. There are many people on this earth which you must have come across hundreds of them. But you felt somehow when you met this particular person. That’s the work of emotions. 

As you move forward to take that feeling to the next level like marriage. What will make you still desire to be with that partner is emotional attraction. 

Is emotional attraction important in marriage

Emotional attraction

There’s this popular argument which insinuates that emotional attraction is not going to last long. But I will always ask them if physical attraction lasts long? At least, emotional connection does not need wealth or beauty for it to take place. 

You must have emotional feelings for that person you plan to marry. Beauty and money can fade away easily but feelings last long. 

Emotional attraction is needed for you to even validate your relationship with a person. One more thing you should know about emotion is that it determines most of the choices we make in life. Maybe anxious emotions, hateful emotions, or love emotions. 

How do I know if I’m emotionally attracted to someone? 

Your vibration will first alert you when there is an attraction. However, you may not understand these vibrations or you don’t want to listen to them. 

The following ways will be simpler in identifying when you get emotionally attracted to someone.

  • When you find yourself specially caring for someone you may not have known for a while is a clear indication that you may have become emotionally attracted to the person. 
  • Do you feel at ease and comfortable when this particular person is around you? Maybe you have become attracted to him /her. 
  • Do you feel free to communicate everything with a person without fear? You just feel comfortable telling them what you will not commonly tell other people. This sign shows you may have become attracted to them emotionally.

Frequently asked questions 

How can I create emotional attraction? 

You can try to get emotional with someone by creating good eye contact with them. (30 seconds eye contact is needed). You try that also by being vulnerable. 

What is emotional attraction? 

When you have a deep connection with someone. 

Can I marry without emotional attraction

Well, it is important to be attracted to your partner for you to validate your relationship. 


Physical attractions are good but the main thing that will keep your relationship going against all odds is the emotional attraction which bonds your hearts together. 

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