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Freaky Sexual: 7 Sexy, Dirty things You Should Try in Bed

If you have a boring sex life, then it is time to get a little crazy and freaky sexual.

As primal beings, there are times we sure need to get really dirty and kinky when it comes to our bedroom duties. We will explore a list of sex things you need in order to take your sex life to the next level.

What does Freaky Sexual Mean?

There are so many definitions of freaky sexual means, and it all depends on the individual in question.

To some people, getting or giving a blow job seems a freaky experience, while to others wearing latex attire during intercourse is what they deem fit freaky.

So in general, how one person defines the term may be different from another, but there are some acceptable things that can be deemed fit freaky, dirty, and sexually motivating.

7 Freaky Sexual things to Try on Bed

Make out time to try some of these freaky sexual things with your partner. You will surely be glad you did. Come and thank us later in the comment section.

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1. Be the Boss

Sex is a mutual feeling, but it gets more interesting when a dominant/submissive scenario is created. Take control in bed and feel the feeling.

To make it more interesting, try taking turns. Don’t be over domineering else you will spoil the show.

2. Get the Toys

It is important to note that toys can be used not only for the purposes of masturbation alone. You can actually use toys to spice up the excitement in the bed.

There are a couple of gadgets out there to make your pick from. Experiment with them, try something freaky tonight.

3. The Tying Game

As a warning, please ensure that you use light and soft things like scarves to tie each other while performing the act. This scenario makes the restricted person helpless, making the other partner feel in control based on the rule of dominance.

4. Talking Fantasies

There are a couple of freaky things that turn everybody on during sexual activity. Talk about those fantasies with your partner, and practice them in bed as well.

5. Dirty Talk

Always try to initiate some dirty talk. You can start with simple phrases or questions like, “how do you feel inside me”, “I love it when you hit from the back” and so on.

6. Watch Something Naughty

This is an obvious one. One way to get freaky sexual in bed is to start watching something dirty. This serves as an appetizer, the foreplay before the foreplay.

7. Ice Technique

This technique is applicable during oral sex. How do you go about that?

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Simply hold some ice in your hand or mouth and gently rub it through your partner’s body, especially the sensitive areas like the thighs or stomach.

Do this and watch how the magic unfolds.


It is always good to try something freaky sexual if you want to enjoy intimacy with your partner. Sex is not all about how many strokes you give, and definitely not about your size.

For a smooth sailing relationship that will stand the chance of lasting long, always ensure you engage in freaky, dirty, sexy undertakings with your partner.

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