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Exploring Humor in Commitment: 5 Best Funny Marriage Advice

In this article, we look at how funny marriage advice can set a giggling mood for wedding guests and also ease up the tension for the newlyweds.

Marriage advice is a serious business because it entails spending the rest of your life with someone else. And, to bring life to this life-long journey for a couple, this article explores some funny marriage advice for newlyweds, relationship tips, marriage jokes, and funny marriage advice for newlyweds speech.

5 Best Funny Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Marriage is at its very best for newlyweds. at this stage in the marriage, there is hardly enough time for the couple to get tired of each other.

This is the stage where the couple still looks “cute” to each other, and everything seems to be working all right. That being said, here are the top 5 funny marriage advice for newlyweds.

#1 The Bean Jar

We want to believe you’ve heard about the bean jar advice for newlyweds.

This one is very simple. In your first marriage year, get a jar and put a bean in it every time the both of you get intimate. Then, on the day of your anniversary, you change the course of the mission. Now, instead, start taking a bean from the jar every time you too “meet”. The goal is to see how long it will take until there are no beans in the jar.

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#2 Fight Naked Only

Whenever you have a misunderstanding that is seemingly leading to a fight, start by getting rid of your clothes. We are sure few minutes after that, you will realize that you are fighting a good fight.

We bet this is funny, isn’t it?

#3 Monitor her Cycles

As a man, try and keep track of her cycles, but not in a way she will notice.

As her PMS is getting to hit, take her to a movie theatre, spend lavishly on her, and make her feel special. You may be wondering how this qualifies as a piece of funny marriage advice.

Well here’s the thing, do it and you’ll appreciate the extra points you’ll earn after the exercise.

#4 Everyone to their Tube

Did you just smile? Yeah, really, everyone to his/her tube. This may seem funny marriage advice, but trust us it is very effective as well.

Every individual should have their tube so that you won’t have to fight over who lost the lid or who squish toothpaste out wrongly.

Let’s reiterate this point once again, everyone to their tube.

#5 Small Annoyances

This is not only one of the funny marriage advice for newlyweds but the most obvious.

Figure out those things that annoy your spouse the most. Avoid doing those things, and your marriage will be peaceful ever after.


There are so many fun ways that can ensure you have a successful marriage relationship. Remember, everybody loves the fun. As such, one of the ways you ensure a swift newlywed life is to ensure you say a fun word daily.

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