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Funny Nicknames for your boyfriend

Are you still contemplating on the Best name to give your boyfriend? Wait no more as I will be showing you the best Funny Nicknames for your boyfriend. These names will be special to you and your partner.

Pet names were first used in Scotland to tame animals that are stubborn. Pet names later on got so popular that people now use them for humans. In this case, it’s not to tame them but to show affection and love. Sometimes, Nicknames come from deep experience that partners will never forget.

What is a nickname?

They can be referred to as special names a group uses to identify themselves or a person. It is different from the main given names.

Classmates do give themselves Nicknames either by the way they behave or one notable event that happened. People are given Nicknames based on how they look, talk, what they like, height, and many more other things.

How to give your boyfriend a Nickname

You can decide to give your boyfriend a Nickname based on how he walks. It must be a romantic name that praises his walking steps. Names like my cheetah, my hare, my horse can all be attributed to the way your boyfriend walks. Make sure he understands it and not take it as a caricature.

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Another way you can give him a memorable name is to nickname based on how he handles you in bed. This one can be very romantic. My gunner, my double-barrel. These ones can give him the sense that you appreciate his bedmatics.

Funny Nicknames for your boyfriend

There are many funny and quite amazing Nicknames you can give your boyfriend to spice up the relationship.

Sweet-funny Nicknames for your boyfriend

You can give any of these sweet-funny nicknames to your boyfriend. They sound sweet and will make your lover smile anytime he hears you call him.

  • Mister man
  • Papi
  • My knight
  • Sailor
  • Macho mack
  • Foxu
  • Cowboy
  • Buddy

Playful funny Nicknames for your boyfriend.

You should create memories with your boyfriend by giving him a playful name that will stick with the love you have for him.

  • Hulk
  • Tater tot
  • Honey badger
  • Popsick
  • Tarzan
  • Hubba bubba
  • Wonderboy
  • Captain hottie pants
  • Tall pumpkin
  • Hottie leggie
  • Papito
  • Tiger
  • My horse back

Cute-funny Nicknames for your boyfriend

This name works well when you have a very cute boyfriend.

  • Captain
  • Old man
  • Dream boat
  • Himk
  • Squishy
  • Partner in crime (PAC)
  • Hunk-A-Lunk
  • Spicy man
  • Cookies monster
  • Chewbacca
  • Prince
  • Majestico
  • Sugar bun
  • Boy dove

Funny foreign nicknames for your boyfriend

Jokes are better presented in strange language. It will Marvel your neighbors when you call your boyfriend any of these foreign funny Nicknames.

  • Mi Cielo – it means my sky in Spanish. You can use this name for your handsome boyfriend.
  • Bombón – meaning candy in English. It will be a very funny name if you are native English speaker.
  • Mi vilda – Spanish nickname which means my life.
  • Dulzura – it means my sweet in Spanish but really sounds funny to English speakers.
  • Mon biche – it means my doe in English.
  • Monamour – French word for my love.
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You can use any of these funny names for your boyfriend. Remember to do your selection based on what he likes.

You can also formulate your own unique name by taking a look into what he loves doing and some of his hobbies.

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