Hannah Barron Biography, Net Worth, Education, and Contact Details

Hannah Barron is a social media influencer Born in Alabama United states. She was born on 3rd July 1996, 24 years of age, her zodiac sign is cancer. She was raised in Alabama by her rich parents, Amy Sherer Tackett and Jeff Barron.

Hannah’s parents divorced when Hannah was just eight years old, and her father remarried another woman known as Lisa, who is her stepmother.

Hannah Barron has a slim stature, a very attractive and gorgeous-looking girl. She enjoys hunting with her parents.

Hannah’s height is approximately 5 feet, and her weight is 52 KG, i.e.114lbs. She also possesses brown-colored eyes and colored hair.

Quick Facts About Hannah Barron

  • Born: 3rd July 1996.
  • Place of Birth: California, United States
  • Occupation: Hunting, Fishing, Noodling, Bowfishing.
  • Sun Sign: cancer
  • Marital Status: single
  • Children: None
  • Education: Lurleen B. Wallace Community College, Troy University
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Net Worth: 5 million US dollars
  • Awards: Not known


Hannah Barron’s career is Hunting, Fishing, Noodling, and Bowfishing. She is an American social media star. Hannah Barron is also a wildlife hunter who shares her adventures, and how she grasps animals on her handle.

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She killed a deer when she was eight years old. Her parents later introduced her to full hunting as she does noodling- fish catfish.

While she does hunting, Hannah regularly uploads images of herself with big fish on her Instagram account. She began uploading plenty of her pictures on social media.

Hannah’s cousin videoed her while noodling, which she uploaded on her Instagram. The post sparked many online reactions racking up 25 million within a couple of days.

Hannah Barron’s Net Worth

Barron has a supposed net worth of $5 million. She currently amasses over 732k followers on Instagram. More fans are demanding her fellowship to date.

Awards and Nominations

No notable nomination has been heard about her.

Notable Appearances

Hannah Barron is a young social media influencer and YouTuber known for making hunting posts on Instagram. Hannah has a large follower community on Instagram.

She has around 830K followers on her Instagram account. And she has uploaded approximately 1,610 posts on her Instagram account.

Contact Details of Hannah Barron

She has verified social media accounts. You can contact her on her accounts.

  • For her Instagram account click here and follow her.
  • For her Facebook account, click here and send her friends a request.
  • For her Youtube account, click here and subscribe to her Youtube channel.
  • For her Twitter account, click here and follow her

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hannah Barron net worth?

The social media sensation is worth $5 million.

Who is Jeff Barron Married to?

Jeff Barron is married to Eileen Mary Keeble. They got married in 1932.

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Who is a catfish noodler?

A catfish nobble is somebody who places their hand inside a catfish hole they discovered, in order to catch the fish.

What is Hannah Barrons Snapchat?

You can contact Hannah Barron (hannahbarron96) on Snapchat y clicking here.

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