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How can I find sugar daddy in Nigeria—Simple steps

How can I find sugar daddy in Nigeria is your question because you are in need of a companion that will pay for your rent, car, grocery and even your school fees.

and you just made the decision to find a good sugar daddy that will take care of all these. But you don’t know how to find the perfect sugar daddy that will not only give you money but also love and care for you. 

Don’t worry, I will give you easy to follow guides on how to find sugar daddy in Nigeria. 

Nigerian sugar daddies can be found in the most popular dating platforms available but you may not have the knowledge of using a matchmaking website, then I will also show you how to find a sugar daddy without using dating sites. 

There are two possible ways you can find a sugar daddy. Number one is through datings sites and the second one is through connection 

Sugar daddy

How to find sugar daddy in Nigeria through dating websites.

There is a huge rumor that Nigerian sugar daddies don’t use websites and social media platforms, but that is not really true. Sugar daddies in Nigeria use dating apps and social media platforms like everyone else. 

  • Choose the best dating website that will be easy to navigate.
  • Register an account with them and supply the needed information. 
  • Post your best suggestive pictures (not nude) 
  • Become active and wait while sugar rich sugar daddies chat you up. 
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Another popular way to find sugar daddy in Nigeria

Sugar daddies in Nigeria have this way of connecting with sugar babies through suggestion and connections.

In Nigeria, people prefer getting help from friends on issues bordering on sugar babies, so when it comes to a rich man that needs a sugar baby, he will communicate with his friends, and the friend will suggest someone for him or get him a plethora of sugar babies to choose from. 

Most secure website to find sugar daddy in Nigeria

Most popular and secure online website to find a sugar daddy in Nigeria is seekingarrangements.

This website can help you meet a Nigerian sugar daddy that will give you money as you perform your sugar baby duties. 

Seeking has a history of making the most matches in dating relationships with sugar daddies and sugar babies. 

Seeking has the best user interface that will help you navigate through the app with ease, and building your profile can be very simple. And we hope it helps answer your question on How to find  sugar daddy in Nigeria 

How to use to find sugar daddy in Nigeria — (step-by-step guide)

How Can i find sugar daddy in Nigeria

When you open the first step is to register an account. Click the join above to start creating your account 

How Can i find sugar daddy in Nigeria

When you click on join, it will take you to this page where you select your gender 

How Can i find sugar daddy in Nigeria

After selecting your gender, you will have to choose your interest; maybe if you are interested in dating both men and women you have to choose both. But I know you are interested in men, so choose men. 

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How Can i find sugar daddy in Nigeria

So, this is where seeking ask one important question. They want to know if you need a man with good looks or wealth, but for the sake you are looking for a sugar daddy in Nigeria that will give you money, then choose success & wealth. 

How Can i find sugar daddy in Nigeria

Enter your correct email address and date of birth, then continue. Remember you must be 18 years of age to use this website. 

After setting up your account, make your first post and wait as your first sugar daddy will be matched with you. 

How to Find a sugar daddy in Nigeria through Connection.

You can Find sugar daddies in Nigeria when you visit popular clubs and get to attend big events happening around you that will have rich men in attendance. 

For you to find sugar daddies in Nigeria through connection, you must attend popular events in the city, always take a stroll visit to big restaurants; maybe you can meet someone there. 


How can I find a sugar daddy in Nigeria has been answered through this guide. We were able to list ways with guidance on how to find a sugar daddy in Nigeria. Follow dailygam for more posts on sugar daddies and sugar mummies plus celebrity contacts

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