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How do you know you love someone? – 7 Main signs

There are sometimes in a person’s life that interesting questions like “how do you know you love someone” begin to pop up. It is not strange. We are emotional beings, so we should know when we begin to fall for someone. 

You have been asking this question but you feel like you don’t still have the right answer yet. I will show you the Best signs to look out for when you feel the connection. 

What is even love

Love is that deep connection you have for someone. Love kindles when your encounter with a person hits differently. 

You do see other people but you just feel this deep feeling towards a particular person or thing. You begin to feel the need to know them more than normal. You don’t get tired of having them right in your mind.

How do you know you love someone? 

When you feel a deep connection to someone. You start noticing a strength of connection with them even when there’s no business you have with them. You will begin to think about them always. 

There are two major types of love. They are platonic love and Romantic love.

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Platonic is a love that can grow without attachments of intimacy. This is the love you have for your sisters and brothers. The love you have for that beautiful cat of yours is platonic. 

Romantic love on the other hand is a kind of love that will or may lead to intimate moments. This is the love you have for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend. 

How this love actually happens can be mysterious if you don’t even know what you love in the life of a person. However, their face, structure, intellectual capacity, beauty, and many other attributes can make you fall in love with someone. 

Romantic love will be our base on this article. 

Signs to know you love someone 

How do you know you love someone
How do you know you love someone

I will show you some clear signs that show you really love someone. You can watch out for these signs to know when you have fallen in love. 

Cheerful and nervous 

You feel this rush of excitement when you see them around or you can’t just wait to see their face again after the last encounter? This is a sign that love is growing. 

You now become nervous when you are communicating with them so you don’t say something that will make them angry. This sign is visible when you don’t only love them but have been crushing for them. 

Everything falling in place 

You don’t struggle when you want to chat with them. There’s this feeling of completeness when you think about them. Their passion and hobbies are becoming your favorite thing. 

Always on your mind

When they are stocked with your thoughts. You can’t even try to delete the feeling but continue to think about how they talk, walk and laugh. 

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You are now jealous 

This sign can be visible when you are in love with a very beautiful lady or handsome guy. You just want them to yourself. You easily become angry when you see them with another person. Jealousy can make you feel uncomfortable when they laugh at another person’s joke. 

Plan future with them 

You now try to put them into your future plans. Planning vacations in your mind with them in the picture. 

Sense of empathy 

Love goes with empathy. You feel hurt when they are in uncomfortable situations and you don’t mind sacrificing for their safety.

Happy to introduce them to family 

You keep telling your friends about them and you are planning on a good time to introduce them to your family. This sign shows that you love them. 


If you are asking “how do you know you love someone” then you should look out for these signs I just mentioned. Sometimes, people can love you but would not like to show any signs. 

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