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How does Sex Feel for a Male? (6 Ways He Feels during the Act)

Ladies have been asking this question, “how does sex feel for a male?”.  Ladies always want to know how men are feeling about sex or how sex is to them.

This article answers this question by providing you will the important information you need to know about how men feel during the act.

What does sex mean to a man?

This is a very interesting question that every lady seeks answers to. But what is more interesting is the fact that you are in the right place, where you get the right answers.

For me, sex is a way of expressing deep love, care, and protection for a lady. When a man is able to satisfy a woman sexually, he feels validated and empowered.

Is first-time sex painful for men?

Women usually experience a little pain, especially when having sex for the first time. This is however not the case for men unless, of course, something is wrong somewhere.

A number of reasons may account for why first-time sex can be painful to a man. It could be an infection, latex allergy, some physical condition resulting in stiffness of the foreskin, or any form of irritation resulting from sexual and non-sexual engagements.

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How does sex feel for a male?

To understand how sex feels for men, you need to understand how the anatomy of the male reproductive system.

Unlike females, male sexual organs are located outside their bodies as opposed to inside the former. A little excitement causes blood to rush through those spongy tissues, thereby making it to be filled and erect.

The tip of the penis is very sensitive to any slight stimuli. For circumcised men, the tip loses sensibility due to constant touch with the underwear.

So, if you are wondering how sex feels for a male, here are a few things that you should know.

1. Men feel pressure regarding sex

To a man, it is a core responsibility to make the partner feel satisfied and pleasured, anything short of this results in pressure for the man and as such, they try their very best to perform optimally.

2. Men need validation

How does sex feel for a male?

As mentioned before, satisfying the woman is of paramount importance to a man. Hence, men feel okay when their performance is appreciated.

Always show him signs that you are enjoying how he is exploring your body, this will further enhance his performance during the act.

3. They don’t like waiting

Waiting is not always the best route for men, especially during sex. Some ladies are strict to dating rules that sometimes they prefer to withhold sex for some time. This does not work with men.

4. Sex feels different with different persons

Yes, men do not feel the same as everyone. As everybody is different, is clear that what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander.

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The only way you understand a man better is when you get intimate a couple of times.

5. Sex can mean dominance and power

Power as well as dominance plays a very important role in a man’s sex life. In an effort to satisfy the lady with “out of this world” pleasure, men always make efforts to dominate in bed.

6. Men don’t want sex every time

Don’t be shocked, this is true. Contrary to popular belief, men do not actually want sex all the time. In most cases, a man will prefer to have sex only with someone he is attracted to. They just don’t decide to have sex with any lady that comes their way.


Sex can mean a lot to men. While sex is very important to a man, it can be subjective as well. The best way to enjoy sex is when you allow your man to explore your body, know the things you like, and seek your consent when performing the act.

Sex can be a very exciting journey when both partners understand each other perfectly.

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