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How Many Kids Will I Have?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: how many kids will I have? Perhaps you have dated long ago and thinking of settling down, this is your chance at getting a glimpse of the number of kids you are likely to have.

Starting a family with your dream partner is an amazing moment in everyone’s life. Maybe your dream is to have only one girl you will spoil for life, or perhaps you want to have a house full of soldiers.

This quiz will unravel the mystery for you.

Let’s go.

Questions and Answers

1. How many aunts do you have?

      1. 0 – 3.
      2. 4 – 6.
      3. 7 – 9.
      4. 10 and above.
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2. How many uncles do you have?

      1. 0 – 3.
      2. 4 – 6.
      3. 7 – 9.
      4. 10 and above.

3. At what age do you intend to marry?

      1. 30 and above.
      2. 20 – 29.
      3. Less than 20.

4. What do you view as your ambition in life?

      1. I want to become the CEO of a major corporation.
      2. I want to tour the world with my spouse.
      3. I am ok with a stable career that will give me satisfaction.
      4. I see myself raising a family and being a stay-at-home parent.

5. Do you have any favorite food to cook?

      1. I like hot and spicy food.
      2. I prefer exotic food.
      3. Traditional meals are ok for me.
      4. I always go for fast food as my favorite.

6. Do you love cars? If yes, what type best suits you?

      1. Give me a sporty Porche and I’m good.
      2. I prefer a model salon car
      3. I am not really into cars
      4. I don’t have any particular model in mind

7. What’s your ideal home like?

      1. A ranch with plenty of space.
      2. A family home.
      3. Downtown apartment.
      4. Expensive bungalow.

8. What are the main constituents of your diet?

      1. Red meat, sweets, fast food, soda, and snacks.
      2. Beans, spinach, healthy fats, and lots of water.
      3. My typical meals are unhealthy, even though I try a healthy eating habits.
      4. Most days I go on clean whole foods.

9. What is your body mass index (BMI)?

      1. Below 18 ( I think I need to add a few pounds)
      2. 5 – 24. 9 (Just the way I like it!)
      3. 25 – 29.9 (I’m okay, but will be way better if I could lose a few pounds)
      4. 30 and above (I need to gain a little)
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10. Are you a smoker?

      1. I smoke, but only cigarettes
      2. I am an occasional smoker.
      3. I only get exposed to secondhand smoke daily.
      4. I don’t smoke and don’t stay in the company of smokers.

11. Do you have any siblings? If yes, how many are they?

      1. 1 – 3
      2. 4 – 6
      3. 7 – 9
      4. 10 and above

12. Last one, how many kids do you see yourself having?

      1. As many as I can.
      2. I will go with one or two kids, a maximum of three.
      3. I will love to have three to five children.
      4. I don’t think I need a single kid.


By the time you finish attempting this quiz, you will be able to tap down the number of kids you will want to have in the comment section. Please go ahead and do that.

If you are not yet convinced after taking this quiz, speak with a couple of friends or family members on the matter. See if they can help you unravel the puzzle.

Thanks for reading.

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