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How to Flirt with a Guy: 10 tips for Girls

While it is easy for some people to flirt, it is a practically impossible task for others. Those who are born flirts can use their body language or looks to get others easily attracted to them. In this article, you will read how to flirt with a guy in 10 easy ways.

Research has shown that flirting can really be effective in setting up and garnishing social interactions. However, it is only the parties in question who understand the “flirty moves”.

So, if you have been looking for a way to date that guy of your dream, keep on reading and you’ll find multiple ways how to flirt with a guy with ease.

10 Best Tips on How to Flirt with a Guy

Whether you are a novice in the flirting game or a pro, these 10 tips will help you how to flirt with a guy in person,  through texts, or in long-distance relationships.

  1. Be Confident
  2. Draw Attention to your lips
  3. Give him a Compliment 
  4. Touch him Playfully
  5. Tease him
  6. Body language
  7. Ignore, but not for long
  8. Listen Carefully
  9. Smile
  10. Dance together

Now, let’s discuss the above 10 ways in some more detail.

Be Confident

Confidence is the sexiest weapon a lady possesses. Everybody (including your crush) will admire your boldness and confidence. by being confident and down to earth, you are making ways for your crush to get to find out who your type of girl is.

Draw Attention to your lips

This may sound rather ridiculous, but it is a proven method that works. It is always good to keep lip gloss or chapstick handy. Swiping a layer when you see your crush will have them dreaming about those lips all through the day.

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Give him a Compliment 

Guys also love compliments just like ladies. Men feel noticed when they get a compliment from a lady. understanding compliments is necessary for the art of flirtation. So, when next you see that guy you’ve been crushing on, give him some nice sexy compliments and watch the magic unfold.

Touch him Playfully

Now, when it comes to playful touches, we are not talking about sex here. What is involved here is building a physical intimacy with your guy. According to research, touching, kissing on the cheeks, holding hands, body massages etc release oxytocin from one’s body and thereby boasting satisfaction.

There are so many ways to flirt your guy when it comes to physical touches. You can simply do the shoulder brushing approach, or simply giving him an under table squeeze. You just need to know which works best for him, and that at the same time may not be offensive. If you are the shy type, pretends as if you just bumped into him.

Tease Him

For real, a little teasing now and then can help break the ice. The good thing about teasing is that, it creates some kind of familiarity. The chemistry it establishes among couples can even ignite some sparks. Men love teasing, so you should include it on the list of how to flirt with a guy.

Body Language

Always ensure that you make them focus on your body. Find creative ways of making your crush focus on and take notice of your body. Body language increase physical attraction, therefore take advantage of it.

Some possible areans you can use your body to attract him include workout sessions, putting on noticeable attires and the likes. SOmetimes, tattoos do a lot of magic, if you are the type that likes tatoos.

Ignore, but not for long

It is a good way of getting attention when you ignore somebody. But note, no matter what you do, do not ignore your crush for a long time. When you overwhelm them with your attention, it makes them desire you less. Hence, ignore a little and watch the trick.

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Listen Carefully

When people are heard, they feel their ideas are valid and their feeling relevant. Always give your man a listening ear. Don’t over-talk them into your personal issues. By listening to him, you are giving him confidence. Kowning how to make your man confident is key when talking about how to flirt with a guy.


Do not always be the hard to get type, smile at least once in a while, it is necessary. Smiling make people feel ease up around you. A warm smile can be dazzling, and a good way to flirt with a guy.

Dance together

Find ways to dance with your guy, especially if you guys are hanging out. Dacning creates more stronger bond between individuals. It can also beak down any formnaliuty that exists among the duo, while also rasing temperature.

How to flirt with a guy: three things to avoid

Well, the process of learning how to flirt with a guy can be a daunting task. That is why you should know a few crucial things you should avoid in the process, and they include:

  • No too much confidence, excessive amount of it can put-off your crush.
  • Avoid personal questions
  • Avoid being overserious, it takes away the fun


After reading this article, you would agree with me that it is easy to know how to flirt with a guy. There are so many ways you can go about that, as a girl. but the proven methods which have been highlighted above serves some good.

Create room for sexual intimacy, don’t forget to always give him compliments on the way he dresses, how he cooks etc., and always put a smile coming his way.

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