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How to get a sugar daddy in Norway Without wasting time

How to get a sugar daddy in Norway has been made easy with the advent of many websites that can show your profile to many sugar daddies who are interested in sugar relationships. 

Are you a sugar daddy looking for the best approach to get a beautiful lady? Read on as I will be revealing to you the websites that can help you land a nice sugar baby

Who are sugar daddies in Norway

Norway is a very nice country that favors both men and women equally. 

Sugar daddies in Norway are rich men that don’t want the conventional style of relationship. They prefer to have sugar babies they can pay. 

Many Norwegian sugar daddies are old but you can still see many of them that are in their late 30s. It’s now seen as a very nice relationship style which will not involve many unnecessary commitments. 

How to get a sugar daddy in Norway 

There are other ways you can get a sugar daddy like hanging out in the popular nightclubs in Norway. Some nice clubs like: Stratos, Oslo. It has the best view you can imagine. 

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The villa, Oslo. This is another very electrifying environment that can help you meet rich sugar daddies. 

Websites are the best way if you need assurance and paherps you don’t like nightclubs. 

They only require that you register an account with them, and they will match you with sugar daddies. 

Websites to meet sugar daddies in Norway

How to get a sugar daddy in Norway
Norwegian sugar baby

If You want to know How to get a sugar daddy in Norway, and you need something that has good security. This website has lots of Norwegian users who are real humans. You can also use this website if you are a student who needs a rich sugar daddy that can be helping you pay your school fees or even buy you a house. 

Registration is simple. You only need your email address and your name. You can upload other information later. 

Cougar life

This website has been matching young ladies with sugar daddies for years. You don’t need to be afraid of your data when using them as it is very secure.

Sukker which means sugar in English will offer you the best dating experience you have not encountered before. The website is well designed with special functions. 

The only thing is that you must be aware of many fake accounts here. 


You will be able to communicate with your sugar daddy in many ways. There is a special function for live video chat. 

There’s another feature that will help you with recording a voice note to send to your sugar daddy. 

Frequently asked questions 

Do sugar daddies in Norway pay

You will get paid if you have a sugar daddy but you must be ready to take the risks involved. 

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How to be a sugar daddy 

You are a sugar daddy if you date young ladies and reward them with money and other gifts

Which cities have the highest number of sugar daddies in Norway? 

The cities are; Oslo, Rogaland, Hordaland. 


If you need to know how to get a sugar daddy in Norway then you should follow the guides here. Norwegian sugar daddies will approach you for a relationship when they see you. Don’t be desperate so you don’t fall for scammers. 

Check more interesting facts about Norwegian sugar daddies on dailygam. 

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