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How to get sugar mummy in Abuja – best working strategy

If you are asking How to get sugar mummy in Abuja that can give you money then read on as I’m about to show you how to do it.

Sugar mummies are older ladies at the age of 29 to 80 that need the present of a young lover which they will in return reward the man with gifts and money. 

There are many rich sugar mummies in Abuja ready to start a relationship with you.

You need to know how to connect with them and that’s why I write this simple guide on how to get sugar mummy in Abuja. 

It will interest you to know that Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. So, you should play your game very well because you are competing with other young guys that need sugar mummies.

How to prepare yourself for sugar mummy relationship 

You must prepare yourself to look presentable as a healthy sugar boy. 

  • You can’t be looking very dull and overfed with a big fat belly then start looking for a woman to be with; 

Take note that You have to first hit the gym nearest to you and burn out some calories; 

Your target is to get a muscular body build that will attract sugar mummies to you at a first glance; 

  • Eat healthy nutritional supplements and include enough fruits and vegetables into your diet;
  • Work on your mouth odor. You can’t be talking to a sugar mummy and be oozing out a bad breath;
  • Learn how to Crack jokes, even if it’s only a few jokes. This will help you keep your sugar mummy happy when you chat with her. 
  • Your look is the first part of you a sugar mummy sees before having anything to do with you; 
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Dress the way you would want her to view and respect your personality as a person.

This is important because many rich old ladies just see sugar boys as something they can buy and dumb at anytime. 

How to get sugar mummy in Abuja using dating sites

How to get sugar mummy in Abuja
Abuja sugar mummy

These websites work in Nigeria with the aim of providing a connection between a sugar mummy and young guys that have interest in going into a relationship with them. 


This app has global coverage with the amazing ways they match sugar boys with rich sugar mommas. 

You just need your normal email address and your name to create an account here. 

You may need to provide more information about yourself so that the system can rightly match you with a sugar mummy. 


This particular website have been making relationship match with sugar mummies for a very long time. 

You don’t need to worry about your data because they have a wonderful way of keeping you out of scammers and blackmailers.

Apart from being your usual hookup zone. This website provides opportunities for you to get rich sugar mummies in Abuja. 

Similar to other websites but it has many Nigerian users you can get matched with. 

How to get sugar sugar mummy in Abuja without dating sites

Not everyone feels comfortable using a website to find love. 

To meet a sugar mummy in Abuja without dating sites you will need to sit up and visit popular restaurants and nightclubs. 

You can meet beautiful sugar mummies if you visit Caribbean lounge in wuse II. There are many rich sugar mummies that always come out in the evening to hang out there. 

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You only need to look good with your suggestive clothes. You can walk up to ladies and introduce yourself and get their number or chill in a corner as she won’t resist introducing herself to you.


You need to be extra bold when looking for a sugar mummy in Abuja since many of them can be intimidating with their proud lifestyle. 

You can always visit dailygam to read more articles like this on sugar mummies. 

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