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How to get sugar mummy in Norway: Connecting With Rich Ladies

Do you want to know how to get sugar mummy in Norway? Or you need to know how to get a sugar boy in Norway. I will reveal to you the working strategy that can help you get a sugar mummy in Norway. 

Norwegian sugar mummies are looking for handsome young men that can be their toy boy as they reward them with money. You can make lots of money delivering services to your sugar mummy in Norway. 

Who are sugar mummies in Norway

Lovely old women in Norway who still need the care, and Romance of a young man are referred to as sugar mummies. They love the presence of vibrant men who can take good care of them and give them good bedroom satisfaction. 

Your work for a Norwegian sugar mummy will not go in vain as they will reward you very well if you satisfy them very well. 

How to get sugar mummy in Norway

The most trusted way that can help you get connected to a sugar mummy is through dating websites. 

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Though you can still get them if you can approach them in the bar or nightclubs. But you should know that Norwegian ladies don’t waste time when they see a guy they love. So they may even approach you first if you dress well. 

How to get sugar mummy in Norway using websites 

How to get sugar mummy in Norway
Norwegian sugar mummy

You don’t need to meet them physically if you have a smartphone with internet connection. I will show you some nice websites that can match you with a sugar mummy in Norway. 

Follow the steps below after choosing your preferred website. 

  • You must register an account with any of the websites I will list below. 
  • Upload a very clear picture of yourself 
  • Make your profile look very unique by adding all the needed information. 
  • Make it clear that you only want sugar mummies.

This is the number one website in the whole of Norway when it comes to online dating. The system is very robust and has the capability of getting you linked up with a very rich sugar mummy. 

Sukker means sugar. So, you should have the idea that they are best at sugar dating. 

The only downside here is that there are many fake users who try to scam genuine users. 


Do you need a website that will offer you more than features than just matching you with a sugar mummy? Hinge is ready to make dating very sweet. 

Some of the special features includes:

Video call: not all matchmaking websites can do this for you. Hinge has a video call functionality that will help you verify if the person you are dating is a real human. 

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Voice note: you use this feature to let your potential sugar mummy know how you sound. It also brings your relationship closer as you will be hearing each other’s voice every morning.

This website was launched back then in 2003 with thousands of people matched for sugar mummy relationships. You won’t have to wait after registration since they match you immediately. However, they won’t give you more options but you will surely enjoy the website. 


How to get a sugar mummy in Norway is simple since the ladies are very welcoming. You will not face difficulty dating a Norwegian lady. 

Follow the websites I listed above, register an account and start replying to messages from sugar mummies. Check dailygam for more information on Norway sugar mummies. 

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