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How to start conversation with a sugar mummy

Asking how to start a conversation with a sugar mummy is a very wise question you should ask, especially if you are trying to avoid Making mistakes while chatting with your sugar mummy.

Sugar mummies are looking for a good conversation starter as most of them lack ideas on holding or starting a conversation because of their age, and sometimes because of their posh lifestyle which don’t give them the opportunity to meet people for casual chit chat.

Any sugar boy that knows how to make his sugar mummy happy and well involved in the conversation has passed the first test of keeping a sugar mummy.

Simple guide to start a conversation with a sugar mummy.

How to start conversation with a sugar mummy

Maybe you just got into relationships with your sugar mummy with little or no knowledge of how to communicate with her.

Then follow this guide as I will help you get nice conversation ideas to keep the love with your sugar mummy flowing.

Ask of her hobbies

Rich women care about hobbies and things they actually love doing. The best format to start a conversation is to talk about what she actually love doing with her free time. 

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Ask about the best city she has visited

We all love talking about experiences we have during our visits to popular cities.

Rich sugar mummies take time to visit cities just to have fun and witness big events happening in those cities.

You can start a conversation on this subject by asking the most loving city she has visited.

This question will raise a very lively chit chat because women in general like talking about what they saw. To make this idea even more lively; research about those cities and allow her to share her experiences while you chip in some facts you found out after research about the city.

Ask what culture interests her

How to start conversation with a sugar mummy

Most sugar mummies have knowledge of many cultures as they have been to many places in the past, maybe for business or education.

You can ask her to tell you some of the most fascinating culture shocks she has witnessed in the past.

When she is sharing her experiences, take note, and ask her funny questions based on what she has shared.

Doing this will make the conversation stick with her even after it has ended.

Ask about her view of the trends

Trends for rich women are not the same for average people out there. Do your proper homework to know her business niche or the kind of work she does.

A lady in the fashion business will be interested to discuss some of the changes in makeup and new shoe releases

Ask about her most busy time of the day.

How to start conversation with a sugar mummy

Your sugar mummy will be excited to share her daily routine with you especially when her work is kinda stressful.

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She will do this expecting that you give her clues on how to have a more wonderful daily work experience.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of advice from their love?

So, it’s up to you to become her adviser and show empathy to her tedious work or business. 


How you chat with your sugar mummy is very important because it dictates whether your relationship with her will last longer or just a mere encounter. 

Following the tips here will make her think of you every time. Get more amazing tips about sugar mummy on dailygam

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