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I hate my husband: 6 Things to do immediately

Women begin to exclamate ‘I hate my husband’ When that nice relationship, and nice time is gradually fading away. 

They can say these words to their friends or family when they hit a Rockwall in their marriage. 

Sometimes, it’s just anger that leads wives to say they hate their Husbands. Sometimes, it’s the fact, and they are not ready to take more shit from him. So, they you will hear them say “I hate my husband” 

“I hate my Husband” – is that rant real

Someone in marriage is the one that can tell how things are for him or her. Women begin to feel otherwise about their husband when things are now getting out of control. You can stand as a spectator and be watching. However, it’s only that wife that can tell what she is passing through. 

Whenever you hear someone say “I hate my husband with all my heart.” note that they have seen many awful things. 

What to do when you begin to hate your husband 

I hate my husband
I hate my husband

You must take necessary steps to work things out when you as a wife begin to reach boiling point in your marriage. Perhaps, you won’t have reasons to shout ‘I hate my husband’ if you follow what I will be listing below.

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Examine what he is denying you 

The first step to resolving this issue is to understand the cause. Before even saying I hate my husband, you should study your relationship with him to know what went wrong. 

It may be that he is no longer performing the way he used to do or he now always shouts at you.

Calm down and start looking for solutions 

You can’t allow the anger to keep growing by the day. No one will help you navigate things for the better – than you. 

One thing about anger is that it starts to reduce when you begin to look for a way to settle things. However, if you don’t mind keeping it to boil higher, it will be very difficult to quench, and you will go around shouting I hate my husband.

Learn to compromise 

You should not feel the need to claim right in every issue. It does not mean you are actually wrong, but your aim is to have a working relationship. 

When the cause of the problem is something that you have tried your best and he still fails to adjust himself. Take the position of a Submissive wife, and make an amendment on yourself if possible. 


Bring him back

When your husband is lost to thoughts and no longer trying his best to be a better husband. You must deploy all possible arsenals you can lay your hands on. Your main aim is to bring him back to being that man he was.

Involve a therapist 

When you must have tried many of the things I mentioned earlier and your source of anger is not addressed, you can involve a professional therapist. 

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Never make the mistake of opening your family issues to untrustworthy friends with the hope of getting advice from them. 

There are therapists that specialize in counseling couples. You need to meet them and they will guide you and your partner. Remember not to book time with a therapist without the knowledge of your husband. 


See the fun parts of your relationship

Even when you are asking ‘what if I hate my husband’ there must be one little thing that will make you smile when you look your husband in the face. 

The moments you shared with him should be a reminder that the problem you currently facing is just a visitor that will disappear later. 


Many people who ask what I should do when I hate my husband will find a solution when they follow the steps above. 

Issues do come up in marriage when the husband is no longer doing what he normally does. Or the wife is now nursing some problems that never existed in the first place. You can check out more interesting relationship tips on dailygam

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