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Is my Boyfriend Cheating? 10 Signs Girls should Look out for

There is no relationship that is perfect, but how would you know when your boyfriend is cheating on you? Here are 10 tell-tale signs to look out for.

Is my boyfriend cheating? What are the signs my boyfriend is cheating? Here are 10 quick signs every girl must know.

Cheating has become a dreaded reality that everyone must face in a relationship. This is the risk associated with falling in love. Whether a new relationship or one that has been going on for long, chances are that your boyfriend could be cheating on you.

Very often, when you see a lady sad and ask her what the problem is, you’ll hear replies like “I think my boyfriend is cheating on me” or “I’ve been having dreams my boyfriend is cheating”.

Is My boyfriend cheating?

No girl wants to ask herself this question. But when, as a girl, you are already seeing subtle signs of cheating, what can you do about it?

How many times has the question, is my boyfriend cheating, come to your mind?  If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating and want to find out the reality, then here’s how.

Signs He’s Cheating on You

1. He’s always distracted

“He is always distracted, I think my boyfriend is cheating.”

When you start noticing that you are in the same place, but he’s not there with you, girlfriend there are signs he has another woman somewhere else. How do you know if he is distracted? You call him more than three times in a row and he doesn’t respond.

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While it s okay to feel he is distracted by someone else, also check to make sure the distraction is not coming from work.

2. He changes his wardrobe

Another obvious sign to look out for is when you notice your man changing his wardrobe or perfumes. The silly reason behind these noticeable changes may be that he wants to impress some new girl, not necessarily you.

3. He gets easily irritated

For this sign, you will notice that all of a sudden, he gets irritated when you clinch to him for instance. Or perhaps, he feels irritated when you sing to him. Such changes in behavior may be a signal that he is having an affair.

4. He spends more on gifts

His behavior has changed and he has started spending more on you. Often, he buys you nice and expensive gifts or perhaps starts giving the children extra care and attention.

5. He changes his password

Another notable sign of a cheating boyfriend, common to many guys, is changing of phone passwords. evidently, one of the reasons for such changes is to conceal some information from you.

If he is the type that used to be open to you before and now is very careful about his privacy, then you need to check what is wrong.

6. He surprises you with new moves in bed

Check your sex life. it is good to note that some changes in your man’s performance in bed may be due to an affair he is having. However, also know that there are some other factors that can enhance his libido such as stress.

7. He becomes too busy for you

Check his schedules, have they changed? Perhaps he may be busy because a colleague was laid off at work and hence has more on his table. Also check if he is aiming for a promotion, just don’t conclude. Make observations before you conclude he is using the word “busy” as an avenue to see another woman.

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8. He accuses you of cheating

Unfaithful men tend to cause their partners of cheating. While this is unbelievable, just know that men do such sometimes to weigh down their guilt.

9. He restricts you from tagging him on social media

It is a normal thing for a couple to tag each other on social media. Whenever you notice the reverse, raise an alarm.

10. Your friends notice something

Sometimes, it is your friends that will first notice something fishy about your boyfriend’s behavior. It is very normal for this to occur, so don’t be surprised.


We always advise that for matters that concern relationships, you run a thorough investigation before jumping to conclusions. If you have noticed any signs that your boyfriend is cheating, put it under the radar and unravel the puzzle.

As your relationship guide, we recommend that you try and resolve issues amicably with your partner. As a lady, there are ways you can flirt with your guy that will make it difficult for him to leave you for another woman.

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