Laura Savoie Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Contact Details

Laura Savoie is a beautiful young woman known as Dennis Quaid’s wife. Laura and her husband, Dennis Quaid, crossed paths at a business event, where They introduced themselves. A few months later, however, What initiated a romantic relationship between the duo.

However, Dennis Quaid insists it was love at first sight.
By October of the same year, Dennis Quaid proposed marriage to Laura at Turtle Bay, the northernmost point of Oahu.

They postponed their initial Hawaiian wedding due to the pandemic, but Laura and Dennis soon tied the knots secretly in June 2020. At a seaside resort in Santa Barbara with only the pastor as the witness is where the couple later eloped and exchanged wedding vows.

The most significant thing to note about Laura and Dennis’s relationship is the age gap; while Dennis was 65, Laura was 26 when they met. The couple revealed that they don’t care as much about it and are not bothered with what people say about them.

Laura and Dennis have no kids together. However, She is an excellent stepmom to Dennis Quaid’s children. Laura Savoie has outstanding academic accomplishments. Her character, knowledge, beauty, and worldview are all adored by her husband.

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They don’t care about their enormous age differences because they consider one another lifelong companions.

Quick Facts About Laura Savoie

  • Born: February 21, 1993
  • Place of Birth: Missouri, US.
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Sun Sign: Pisces
  • Children: None
  • Education: Laura Savoie is a Ph.D. student.
  • Country: United States of America
  • Net Worth: Approximately $300,000
  • Awards: The Faculty-Staff Scholarship, Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship, Maxy Pope Alles Merit Scholarship, and Ernst & Young Outstanding Student Scholarship.

Laura Savoie Education

Laura Savoie is an intellectual woman. She bagged her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Pepperdine University in California.

Due to her exceptional performance in school, she graduated valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA. She was also an outstanding accounting student, hence several awards.

After her graduation, Savoie worked at Ernst and Young but decided to pursue further studies. She then proceeded to the University of Notre Dame, graduating with a Master’s degree in Accountancy in 2015.

Laura Savoie Career

In addition to her educational attainments, Laura is a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas and a Celebrity girlfriend.

After receiving the Ernst and Young Outstanding Student Scholarship, Savoie spent two years working for the organization (Ernst and Young) after completing her master’s. In addition to her position as a teaching assistant at the University of Texas, She holds accounting, real estate, and yoga qualifications.

She has also accrued a ton of volunteer experience with several groups in California and Mexico. Laura a teaching assistant, was slated to earn her degree in 2021 from the University of Texas.

Her LinkedIn profile, however, indicates that she is currently pursuing her Ph.D.

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Laura Savoie’s Interesting Facts

In May 2019, she met Dennis Quaid at a professional gathering. Laura got married to Dennis on June 2, 2020.

The only witness to their marriage was the preacher. She was roughly 39 years her husband’s junior before being employed by Ernst and Young.

Laura Savoie Contact Details

Fans and friends can reach out to Laura Savoie via her social media handles listed below

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Dennis Quaid meet Laura Savoie?

The two met at a business event, after which they started dating in 2019.

Who was Dennis Quaid’s first wife?

Quaid’s first wife is actress P. J. Soles. They got married in 1978 and got divorced in the year 1983.

Where is Laura Savoie from?

Laura is from Missouri, United States.

How long have Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan been married?

Rayn and Quaid married on the 14th of February, 1991. The couple announced their separation moves in 2000 and finally divorced in July 2001.

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