Mirtha Jung Bio: Age, Net Worth, Contact Details, and Ex-Husband

Some people rise to fame as a result of others, and this case is not an exception. Mirtha Jung became famous because of her drug dealer husband, George Jung. The relationship between the two has raised so many concerns about the biography, net worth, and life of Mirtha Jung after drugs.

Who is Mirtha Jung?

George Jung’s ex-wife, Mirtha Jung was born in Cuba on the 3rd of December 1952. She has been married to the renowned Drug Lord George Jung until the couple got divorced in 1984.

She is believed to be a major player in her husband’s drug deals, and also responsible for major drug smuggling deals between Colombia and the US.

In a movie titled “Blow”, Mirtha’s name was first mentioned and heard on screen. The movie portrayed the life of her ex-husband, George. “Blow” made her literally blow into fame.

Before we go into her detailed biography, let’s review some quick facts about Mirtha.

Profile Summary

Full Name: Mirtha Calderon

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Born: 3rd December 1952

Age: 69 (as of 2022)

Zodiac: Sagittarius  

Place of Birth: Cuba

Nationality: Cuban American

Occupation: Ex Drug dealer now writer, poet, and entrepreneur

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: Divorced

Ex-Husband: George Jung (married from 1977 – 1984)

Mirtha Jung Biography

Let us take a look at Mirtha Jung’s early life, career, net worth, ex-husband, and life after drugs.

Mirtha Jung’s early life and Education

Mirtha Jung (born December 3rd, 1952) grew up in some of the worst sub-burbs in Cuba. The area was characterized by the drug business, and she got exposed to that in her teenage years.

She attended high school education while she was still with her parents, and after graduation was able to lay her hands on a waitress job. It was on that job that she met and got married to George Jung.

Mirtha Jung’s Career

Today, Mirtha Jung is a professional writer and poet. She also exhibits good entrepreneurial skills. She picked up this new career after coming from a life of drugs and crime with her ex-husband George Jung in the 70s and 80s.

Her first mention was in the movie “Blow”, in 2001. The story behind the movie was about her ex-husband Jung, played by Johnny Depp. Penelope Cruz played Mirtha’s character.

Mirtha Jung and George got married in 1977, a marriage that got her heavily involved in George’s drug cartel.

Her marriage and work life with George got her into serious cocaine addiction. In the course of this, she was arrested and jailed for being in possession of some dangerous amount of cocaine. She served her sentence and was released after three years in 1981.

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Mirtha Jung’s Net Worth

Sources have it that the 69-year-old is worth $150,000. Obviously, her divorce from her ex-husband George did not actually affect her financial strength.

Mirtha Jung Contact Details

George Jung’s ex-wife has no verifiable social media accounts.


Mirtha has survived the odds in life. Her decision, later in life, to get clean, and become a successful writer, poet and entrepreneur shows evidence of her courage and bold steps in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mirtha Jung now?

Mirtha, George Jung’s ex-wife is still alive. The ex-wife of the notorious drug dealer has changed her lifestyle and quit her addiction.

Who is George Jung’s ex wife?

Her name is Mirtha Jung.

Where is Kristina Sunshine Jung today?

Kristina acts and is also an entrepreneur. her acting career, however, has not gotten her much fame.

Did George Jung ever connect with his daughter?

There are rumors that George Jung and his daughter Kristina Jung connected after he got out of prison. Apparently, they reconciled their father-daughter relationship and spent some quality time before he died.

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