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Nicknames for girlfriend: Your girlfriend will love them

I will show you the best Nicknames for girlfriend that will make your relationship with her very solid. Maybe you have been asking questions after getting a new girlfriend that you will love to show excess love. 

Or you need a new name for your love which will make her be more addicted to you. I will show you nice names that will make your lover happy any time she hears you call her. 

What is nicknames for girlfriend? 

Nicknames are made up names that will give your relationship a sweet part. Research has it that partners that have a special nickname will have more happy relationships than people with no nickname. 

Nicknames in general have deep meaning that reflects how you feel about your partner. It can also be a way to remind her of her best attitude. 

Amazing Nicknames for girlfriend

The list below have the most used Nicknames with meaning to spice up your relationship. You are free to choose the one that vibrates very well with you. 

Nicknames for girlfriend

My honey bunch

This is a perfect name for your attractive girlfriend. The name has no negative side to it. It shows you are appreciating the sweetness of your partner. 

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My lovie 

Some people translate it to “my love” though they are the same but “lovie” is more romantic, and will work if you are not straight. 


Perfect name when you are in love with your best friend. It is a sweet thing to later be in a serious relationship with your chat mate. 


Don’t allow another man to call your girlfriend this name. Though it is very popular and random, it denotes a very strong meaning when you call your girlfriend by this name. 

Cuddle bug 

Appreciate your girlfriend for how good she is with cuddling by giving her this nickname. It is a positive name that is humor-filled at the same time. 

My lucky charm 

Do you feel happy and fulfilled when you look at your girlfriend’s face? Then call her “lucky charm” 

Maybe you had a nice fortune when you started dating her, then she deserves this Nickname. 

My queen 

How do you appreciate your love for having your back always if not by giving her this nice name. 

My pumpkin 

Nice name for your chubby girlfriend. The name is lovely and exciting at the same time. Pumpkin is a nice thing with zero negativity. 

Honey bunny

Charming lovers deserve a charming name. This name is not that popular so she will feel special hearing it from you only. 

Sweet Candy

When I asked James, my friend , why he nicknamed his girlfriend “sweet candy” I was amazed when he referred to her lady as the most sexy girl in the world. He added that her sexy look made him research and find this nice name. You can learn from my friend and call your girlfriend “sweet candy” 

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Sweet pie 

Another wonderful name for your sweet girlfriend. The name is popular but surely makes a whole lot of sense. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I give my girlfriend foreign nickname

It will be nice if you plan out the name so she doesn’t have to worry if the meaning is good. But in all, you can give her a foreign name. It is very romantic. 

What is a nickname for a girlfriend

They are beautiful names you call your girlfriend with a hidden meaning only known by the both of you. 

Can I call my girlfriend my ex’s Nicknames? 

It is not advisable to use a name you Called your ex to give your girlfriend. Show her some respect and get a new name. 


Nicknames for girlfriend can impact your relationship in a different way you cannot imagine. Just use a positive name and stay away from any name that will disrespect your girlfriend. 

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