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Five cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in Ghana

Five cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in Ghana will be exposed in this article as I will show you what you don’t know.

Sugar mummies in Ghana do not actually hide themselves from people but most times, we don’t know their actual population in a particular city.

There are five popular cities in Ghana that take first position when it comes to sugar mummy relationships in Ghana.

Cities with highest number sugar mummies in Ghana

cities with the highest number of sugar mummies in Ghana
Rich Ghanaian sugar mummy


The capital of Ghana with over 30 billion dollars of wealth has the highest number of sugar mummies in Ghana.

They have been in this position because of the huge number of tourists that visit this city every year for business and vacation.

The trend of young men getting married to old rich ladies is a popular topic in Accra, Ghana.

A relationship style that is getting very deep to the extent that Accra sugar mummies now get wedded to their sugar boys.


This city comes to mind when you talk about indigenous Ghanaians that have strong ties to the culture and vibe.

Coming second on the list of cities in Ghana with the highest number of sugar mummies tells how this beautiful tourist destination has been developing in other aspects.

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Sugar mummies in kumasi pay very well, and they trust their sugar babies more than sugar mummies from Accra.

Another fact about kumasi sugar mommas is their passion for tall black guys. They literally can do anything to please their tall, handsome, sugar boy.


Sugar mummies in this area don’t make noise or expose themselves, but you will know how loving they can be when you enter into a relationship with them.

There’s wealth in this city, and big mommas that work in mega business establishments prefer sugar boys instead of humbling themselves for husband and wife relationship.

Sugar mummies from secondi-takoradi have a very noticeable pride in them.

You don’t expect them to offer huge financial assistance to you if you don’t give them maximum satisfaction.

This pride is something you can notice in the lifestyle of Accra sugar mummies but they don’t express it like secondi-takoradi sugar mummies.


Most sugar mummies from this area prefer international lovers to local men.

They don’t mind paying a Nigerian to come live with her instead of getting a nearer Ghanaian guy that will be cheaper.

They mostly spend a huge amount of their wealth traveling around the world with their beloved sugar boy.


The beauty of this city have brought in many tourists from around the world who come to explore and witness great, African designs

Sugar mummies in this area are known for their low key lifestyle. They just want a good man that will treat them well.


You can meet beautiful sugar mummies in all parts of Ghana since the country is very big and prosperous.

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but you will learn from this article that some cities like Accra, Kumasi, Secondi-takoradi, sunyani and Tamale have more sugar mummies than other cities.

You can read more articles about Ghana sugar mummies and other countrie’ sugar mummies on Dailygam.

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