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8 Signs You are an Omega Male

Unless you are from another civilization, you must have heard the words alpha or beta male, and subsequently omega male. Perhaps, you have taken a couple of quizzes so as to figure out where you fit in.

If you are the type that prefers to read up and then take quizzes, then this article will guide you in knowing whether you fit in as an omega male or not.

Meaning of Omega Male

Perhaps you have heard the phrase omega male before and wondered what the meaning is. In this section, we will look into that.

In simple terms, an omega male is any male that flouts all masculine expectations. While people often think negatively about omega males, there is nothing wrong with it in reality.

Is it Bad to be an Omega Male?

Well, contrary to most beliefs (especially on social media), there is nothing inherently wrong with being an omega male. The only reason why people think of something being wrong with omega males is the fact that this category of people is not in line with what society defines as success.

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8 Signs of an Omega Male

Having gone through some explanations as to who an omega male is, let’s look at some of the notable traits.

1. Not the Social Type

Omega males are not the best when it comes to socializing with strangers or even friends. They are guided people that like it best when they are dealing with a few friends.

Instead of partying and engaging in social activities, omega males would prefer rather being alone.

2. Few Cycles of Friends

An omega personality doesn’t keep many friends. They prefer to keep the cycle up-closed and personal. The reason for this has to do with the anti-social nature of these personalities.

3. Hardly Understand Women

If you are finding it very hard to understand women, then you are definitely a typical omega male. This is where alpha males take the lead because they understand women better when compared with omega males.

4. Close-Minded

Another notable trait of omega personalities is being close-minded. What this means is that they tend to believe they are the best in everything, and can easily disregard other people’s opinions.

5. Always Playing the Devil’s Advocate

You know you are an omega male when you are fond of pushing people’s buttons. Some people tend to play the devil’s advocate more than others, but we all agree that most arguments are destructive in nature.

6. Unmotivated

Alpha males often look down on omega males because the latter seem unmotivated and unenthusiastic about success and accomplishment.

Omega males tend to be unemployed not because they can’t work, but because they lack the motivation to work.

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7. Missing in Action

Omega males tend to shy away from the spotlight. However, this trait is exhibited by alpha males who see fame and recognition as vanity.

8. Claims of Independence

Omega males frequently affirm that they don’t need anybody. They see themselves as lonely wolves that prefer a life of solitude.

When they need help, they seek it from nobody and always prefer sitting on their little island.

Bottom Line

Don’t be so mad at yourself that you are an omega male; there are so many ways you can grow and improve. If you find it difficult to break away from this pattern of life, please seek the attention of a psychologist.

There’s no lifestyle that cannot be changed especially with proper help and support.

Dailygam is delighted to have you read and understand who an omega make is.


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