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Perfect Sexy texts that will rekindle your relationship

You don’t need to look very far if you seek to have that beautiful and adorable relationship with your partner. Sexy texts can do the magic for you. 

It has been revealed that couples who message themselves with a unique lovely pattern have the most enduring love life ever. You don’t have to joke with that morning message you need to send to your lover. 

When you just started dating or married and you don’t send sexy texts. How do you want the relationship to have a lasting sweetness and be memorable? Come on! You need good texts to make things look lively and real. 

Types of sexy texts to send your partner 

Sexy texts

  • After good sex texts 
  • Sexy Good morning texts 
  • Sexy goodnight texts 
  • Sexy texts for distance relationship

After good sex texts 

It’s like I left my undies at your house last night.

Send this text when you just had nice sex with him last night

You can follow up with another message: Can I come naked to collect them? 

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My third leg needs some butter at the tip. 

Send her this after sex. 

Follow up with: it is feeling really good after yesterday

My nipple is feeling funny after your vigorous work.

Send him this text after hot sex. 

Follow up with: how did you do it? 

Your healing cream is still sweeting my manhood

Send this text after she rides you 

Follow up with: can you come and touch it again?

Sexy Good morning texts

I just imagined my lips on your belly button running down all over you. 

You were macho last night, can I ride you like a machine this morning? 

The way you were riding me yesterday has made me not stand up from the bed. Can you come and heal me, my angel

I saw your face in the mirror when I was fixing my bra this morning. It reminded me of how you tore it up last night. 

Sexy goodnight texts 

How can I have a nightmare when I only dream of that moment when you were licking and driving me crazy.

No need to wish for sweet dreams when I still feel the sweetness of how your breast was pressed on my chest this afternoon. 

I will be sleeping naked tonight so that you can appear and continue where you stopped. I’m longing for it! 

Don’t send me a goodnight message today. Just send me your naked body and I will sleep like a kid. 

Sexy texts for distance relationship

Whenever I text you, it feels like I’m already cuddling you. 

How can I even say that we are in a distant relationship when I smell your aroma on my bed every night. 

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I will be sleeping without clothes today. I want you to teleport and cover me with your soft chest. 

I saw your clothes on my bed today. Did you come in the spirit to check how you can spoil me again? I’m free for you always.

Frequently asked questions 

When should I send sexy texts

Anytime of the day but the texts above are arranged to suit certain times. 

Sexy text for boyfriend? 

You can send it to your boyfriend also 

Can the texts seduce my partner

Some of the texts will immediately get your partner honey.


You can use the format above to send texts to people you have a good relationship with. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. 

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