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8 Valid Reasons to Break Up with Someone

I am facing a myriad of problems in my relationship – do I have reasons to break up with my partner?

As you grow in a relationship, you will discover times when you are experiencing puppy love gradually start fading away. From the puppy love stage, you get to a point where maturity makes you a happy couple where there is contentment and confidence in the relationship you have built over time.

But relationships are not always so gloomy – there are hiccup periods where all the fun is gone and the next available option is a dreaded breakup.

In the past, couples start developing problems after their seventh year in the relationship. But today, 70% of relationships are shambled within the first year of inception.

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Then you begin to wonder, are relationships hard these days? If yes, then why do people break up in relationships?

Read through as we expose 8 valid reasons to break up with someone you’ve been in a relationship with.

8 Reasons to Break up with Someone

Let’s briefly discuss some of the reasons to break up with someone you love.

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1. Poor communication

Where there is no communication, there is no relationship. Regular communication in a relationship builds strong walls that are hardly broken.

Your relationship will experience an amazing love cycle if there is health and constant communication.

2. Long distance and its woes

Why do people break up? Long distance relationships don’t last long as the distance, say studies.

With distance, the barrier comes barriers in communication, physical intimacy, and a high level of distress. All these lead to why people break up.

3. Cyclical Arguments

While arguments occur as a result of differences in opinion, they often result in one of the reasons why people break up in relationships.

Constant cyclical arguments lead to unhealthy relationships. Most arguments have a connection with poor communication styles.

4. No Longer Friends

Friendship is a strong tie in any relationship. The moments you start discovering that the bond of friendship no longer exists, then you envisage that break up is not far-fetched.

This is a very good reason to break up with someone.

5. Financial Troubles

Money, they say, makes the world revolve. Financial tension can cause so much distress in a relationship that may even lead to termination.

6. Infidelity

When one of the partners is caught cheating and the two parties are not able to amicably resolve the issue, the end is near.

Never underestimate the power of cheating in a relationship. It can definitely mar it.

7. Excessive Jealousy

Sometimes jealousy, at an excessive rate can make people break up. Do you always have to worry about proving your whereabouts to your partner to appease their insecurities?

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When jealousy gets way too much, it can be overwhelming and the aftermath is most likely a breakup.

8. Long-standing Resentments

Often, relationships break up because one partner has offended the other or has taken a major step in life without looping the other partner in first. This kind of situation leaves the hurting partner brooding to break up, despite the fact that there are claims of forgiveness.

Resentment can easily kill intimacy, attraction, and desire.


What are the reasons to break up with someone? There are so many reasons that this article alone cannot highlight.

The most common reasons relationships end today include lack of intimacy, poor communication, sexual incompatibility, and poor communication skills (to mention a few).

Whatever the reasons are, we cannot conclude that there are good or bad reasons to break up with someone. Remember, maintaining a healthier relationship by learning from mistakes is far more important than breaking up.

Thanks for reading. cares!

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