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Relationship Romance: 5 Simple Tips to Enhance Intimacy

No matter how long you have been in your current relationship, a dose of relationship romance can make it look like what you see in the movies.
Yes, that’s what’s up.

Movies like Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally is the best starters where you can get sweet romantic ideas. The thing is, in real life, roses, teddy bears and chocolates don’t really get the work done well. Nah!

If you don’t want to end up getting stuck in a relationship (or marriage) where you are battling with love issues, then you need to step up your romance game. Every couple needs it.

Is Romance Necessary in a Relationship?

Really, is that a question?

Romance is key when it comes to any relationship and this importance cannot be trivialized. However, many partners fail to see its importance in nurturing a happy relationship.

If you want to rekindle love, then there is no magic than adding romance and affection to the equation.


5 Ways to Rekindle Relationship Romance

Having understood the importance of romance and affection in a relationship, let’s look at 5 important ways to rekindle it.

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Without wasting time, let’s get straight at it.

1. First, Work on Yourself

There’s no magic that can make you make your partner happy if you are not happy yourself. Fight those issues that affect your happiness, such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. That way, you can be able to make your partner happy.

2. Iron Things Out

The first and most important romantic step you can take in your relationship is to always talk things out. Talking or constant communication does not kill romance, instead, it mends it well.

The two partners need to talk about almost everything. Talk about your future, what and where you aspire to be.

Talking things out tells you as a couple that you have the power to spice up your relationship with romance, passion, and excitement.

3. Plan Fun Weekends

Any relationship without fun is a dead one already. Create an activity plan so that you and your spouse can enjoy a fun time together.

Do this at least once every week, and weekends are the best days suggested for you. In fact, dedicate your Saturdays and Sundays sometimes and see what good it does you. Appreciate in the comment box.

4. Reminisce

Reminiscing sweet or sensual moments spent together is another strong relationship romance booster. Bring out pictures of your past trip, and check those valentine cards or gift toys.

These activities can reignite attraction and intimacy, a good relationship tip to keep handy for a perfect romance in the relationship.

5. Befriend Other Couples

The best way to learn a lifestyle is by experience, often said. Becoming friends with other couples you’ve observed doing well is necessary when you need a relationship model.

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When you friend other couples, you are creating some form of support system and opening the way for deeper conversations the two of you wouldn’t have normally engaged in.


No matter the degree of the gesture – small or great, there are so many things you can do to add romance to a relationship. What matters is the efforts you put toward achieving that goal.

Thank you for reading this article. Please share with your partner and any couple of friends that you have. cares.

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